Proposition for parnell's SS ability


@MacMan i would like to propose changing Parnell’s SS from being a single use ability that doesnt last very long (like cloak) to make it togglable. how about instead of taking damage on use he slowly takes damage from it over time and you can use it for as long as you want (unless your health gets to a certain point, then it will deactivate and you will have to heal before continuing to use it). this would allow for Parnell’s damage taken from SS to actually be a tradeoff (right now, unless you dont have a shield AND are being focused there is no reason not to use it), and it would allow for medic and Parnell to have to communicate more so that Parnell will never have to leave SS.

It would also be a taunt to the monster. the monster would have a choice between killing somebody or attacking the assault with no life that’s doing tons of damage.


The problem with taking damage over time (that’s the way we used to do it) is that health regen nullifies the effect.


Parnell injecting himself in the arm every couple of seconds would be bit strange/scary aswell.


I suppose the health regen perk’s application could be interrupted for the duration of the ability’s “on” toggle state and then resume when toggled off.


but if he were to take damage from the monster he wouldnt be healing (because you can heal while in combat)


Perma-SS would be make for outright insane damage.

I think I prefer it as a temporary boost with a one time health cost - an over time one may feel kind of annoying.