Proposed Wraith Tweaks


After playing a loooooooot with the new Wraith (the one that people don’t assault you for using) I’ve decided that I like it, but it could do with a few changes.

Decoy is in a decent place right now. Forces you to break LOS before using it so it has to be used tactfully and it doesn’t feel cheesy.

Supernova. Good god, this thing is trash. Against any decent team, this acheives nothing- I take one point in it at Stage 3 to quickly burst down a dying Hunter. No other uses- even if you corner someone, it can be danced around and easily outhealed/shielded. I’d suggest buffing Wraith’s move speed inside the cloud and bumping up the damage. Quite a bit.

Abduct- 11/10 IGN no changes. :slight_smile: Love this one.

Warp Blast- Decrease the explosion size/radius by a little bit. It’s kind of cheesy to kill somebody with that thing when they’re a little too far away for the animation to reach them.

Now the main problem- her traversal. Warp. Easily the worst traversal in the game. I’ve explained how multiple times and I’m sure you know already so I’ll just list possible buffs for it:

Remove the tracks it leaves. Make it like Goliath’s leap. There is no reason for it to leave tracks.

Make the warp trail much less noticeable. It’s conspicuous as a goat chewing bubblegum on a unicycle right now. Make it quieter and less bright.

Increase the distance or the speed. Right now it takes three warps to cover less ground than a single leap, and it’s slower as well, which is absolutely ridiculous. I realize that increasing speed may not be good- hello quadrawarp- but there is no reason for it be such a short dash.

That’s pretty much it so far. I’m about 90% sure these will never even be considered by TRS but ah well. Thoughts?


No. No. No.

Wraith already move near instant. Having no trails would be incredibly confusing. Remember that you don’t have to warp the way you are facing, so you would have no idea where the Wraith went.

HEr traversal is bad, but if it is buffed she will be able to dome dodge again.
Her traversal need a re-design. You can’t buff something that require to skill. Aim, hit space. Goliath’s leap you have to use efficently, preferably from high ground and not uphill if it can be helped. As Behemoth you have to actually control where you are going and dodge spike matts/obsidian groubs. And even Kraken need to manage their airbursts.


i agree with the warp blast and supernova but i think rest is fine supernova dont need more dmg i think against a support who dosnt have shield (cabot,bucket) it wrecks atleast from my experince against her


I vote for no tracks on traversals. They are extremely short, and her mobility blows when they’re on cooldown. Warp Blast does feel weak. And Super Nova? Screw that ability, it’s completely useless feeling. Only a newb hunter dies to a Super Nova.


No she doesn’t. Try actually warping with Wraith. It’s painfully slow. The speed she had before was FINE.


Care to elaborate?


No, no. It’s not that short. It’s short for a traversal, but it’s more than good enough to warp behind cover duing combat. Giving the Wraith an easy way to hide in the dome is not fun for anyone. Well, except if the Wraith is playing as a troll.

Still near instant. You are probably thinking about Warp Blast. That one is somewhat slow.


Wait I thought… and you are right also about traversal… her traversal was fine, now monsters cant hear mobile arena sound so they could bring her traversal back I think… thats true


No, I am thinking about Warp, and it is NOT near instant. I takes over half a second in full, and that’s a lot. Because to triple warp is 1.5 seconds and less distance than a single Goliath leap which can be done in less than that time.


Exactly. There is no more Dome click. There is no more quadrawarp spam. Her previous warp speed was perfect. She’s just too slow now.



she can warp in the backwards + warping in a fight is fckin confusing for hunters… you really dont know where is she warping but Goliath is leaping always forward…


Counter it then. ^.-

You have so many tracking abilities… And if you don’t have eyes on the Wraith, you deserve to lose track of her…

She’s supposed to be a stealth monster. You’re literally asking for her to not have stealth in her kit. ^.-
She’s the same as the other monsters right now, with a weaker kit, and weaker traversal system.

Wraith is supposed to vanish, and then attack from behind. Hell, it’s how she was announced to be played to the community. Yet she isn’t like that…

Track her, use a spike, use Gobi, use Daisy, use your eyes, listen for her warp… Watch for her warp stream after she uses it…

If you have sight on her, or are chasing her, you aren’t going to lose her due to a lack of footprint for a quick burst. -.-


Yes, they should back her traversal speed, and warp blast speed… nerf warp blast range and a little bit buff supernova… and I think they should completely change the decoy, this decoy is really weird.


Well, if you give her warp a cooldown close to an ability, but then we would be back at square one…


a max goliath leep takes seconds m8


Warping in battle is no longer confusing for two reasons- the terrie speed and the warp trail. I play equal amounts of hunter and monster and the warp is easy to track. It’s pathetic in this state.


But a “flat” leap on regular terrain? Nope. Way faster.


but up a hill? wraith way faster.


In any other situation, Leap beats Warp.



Basically you’re saying you rely on footprints, and use no other form of tracking? So taking away footprints for a few meters on a stealth monster, is just so OP it can’t be done? ^.-

Her warp is the weakest traversal in the game. It doesn’t have range, it doesn’t have speed, it leaves a big glowing slip stream behind her, it leaves footprints… Honestly?..

Kraken can use his to flight control above, and dodge just about everything.

Behemoth has speed, that can cover that map (granted a decent chosen pathway) in a few seconds.

Goliath? -.-
He can leap across the map from high points. Crazy stuff.
And even if he doesn’t, he gets much further than any other monster.

Wraith, the stealth monster. Using hit and run tactics, with decoys and stealth to trick her opponents while she kills them from the shadows.

More like the explosives expert, that is easy to track, and is slow.