Proposed Sunny Fix


Actually release a patch that nerfs her. Alternatively remove her as she breaks the foundations of the game with her bullshit jet pack boost.

Queue Sunny defenders.
Queue get good yellers.

I honestly don’t care anymore. TRS needs to work on making their game enjoyable rather than competitive. There will not be a competitive scene if everyone is pissed at the new garbage they release…oh wait its been almost a month. In all honesty this game has simply lost any competitive feel and degenerated into who has the cheapest comp/strategy. The outplay aspect of most games doesn’t really exist as either one side face rolls or the other has 2-3 DCs.

WTB actual game rather than a “let’s shit on the other person so hard that we might as well have played against bots.”

Respond? Yell? Hate? Agree?

I’m leaving this game behind and I hope it will be fun to revisit in a year when they fix it (if there is anyone left on PC).


Next week ish, if things go well they are patching and reducing the dodge thrust bonus on her jet booster, and the health of the shield drone.

She is a bit too strong, but is getting fixed
Facerolling happens in any game where skill and strategic thinking matter, better people do better, and they get advantages from doing better that they use to do even better, the only way to counteract this is by the other team also taking and using advantages. this is true for all strategy based games.

I Defend Sunny as not gamebreaking
Yelling get good because I am better and can stomp her


Well, someone’s butthurt…


Sunnys shield drone wrecks me


Sunny is getting something like 40% less health on shield drone, and 50% less boost speed on jetpack dodges. The balance pass should finally be happening this week.

I too am quite sick of seeing Sunny in every game, on every premade, against every pub team, and with every team I hunt on. She is zero fun to fight against and has a winrate far exceeding that of anyone other than Kraken. And I hope the Kraken nerfs are also significant, so then we just need some bug fixes and we’re good to go.


I think the next patch will nerf Sunny pretty well. I still want a mininuke nerf though, thing is far too powerful.


Have you seen the damage thing? She’s right next to her buddy Hank.


she is only a problem for goliath and behemoth… not wraith or kraken…


With all respect to you as a person, but no. Fuck off :stuck_out_tongue: It is already nerfed enough. It does shit damage and any player who only shoots the nuke should play cabot. The current nerfs we need to see in practice but they will certainly be enough. Amazing monsters will counter her every time now. For the average monster she will not be as much of a pain. She has the most utility of any support and that was outbalanced, now they fixed it, fixed her damage. Heck they nerfed every aspect of her gameplay. So now you claim and you wanna nerf even more. Redesign her weapon into the potato popper, because she is so strong. Don’t kid yourself, enough is enough. If you can’t handle the nuke, go play Behemoth :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry people can’t deal with her so she’ll be nerfed pretty hard! :slight_smile: and if you nerf her nuke again just allow her to use her pistol instead :wink:


I almost bought Sunny because the MiniNuke launcher reminded me of Fallout 3. I loved the Fat Man. Boom!
I don’t want a fancy grenade launcher. Its a mininuke. It should do (relatively) ridiculous damage