Proposed (Minor) Tweaks


After testing the balance of Tier 4 Hunters, I think a few minor changes are in order:

  1. Tone down the DPS of the Mininuke. Right now it’ll do more than Cabot’s Railcannon and it’s infinitely easier to hit. Really not a good thing.

  2. Jetpack Booster…Not quite sure what to say here, but flinging your team 300m in front of you just isn’t good. The added distance needs to go. No way to work around this whatsoever. A team can stay right on your heels using this. No other comp can emulate this effect. It’s simply impossible. Giving a Hunter extra boosts is extremely powerful in and of itself, there’s no need to give them extra distance AND speed on top of that.

  3. Torvald’s mortars. Stand still for a second, and they’ll melt you. This effectively renders it impossible to focus anyone without taking a lot of damage. I play a lot of Cabot, and Torvald on his own will do higher damage than Parnell and I giving a Monster everything we have. He’ll do it from long range, and he won’t let you attack anyone. Not sure how to fix this, but I’m sure you can come up with something.

  4. Spore Launcher is too spammy. For such a powerful ability, it should have to be used tactically. There is absolutely no reason Slim should be able to put one down every two seconds.

  5. Daisy. Cuteness OP. Plz nerf. :wink:

That’s all. I say all this as an equal Hunter and a Monster, plenty of time in both roles, and after fighting a superb premade today I had to make this. They beat me twice…Once because I got cocky as per usual and lost all my health Stage One…And once in a fair, long drawn out game. Point being: Apart from my stage one defeat, they fought me five times. Three of those five times, they only used Tier 1-3 Hunters. I won every single one of these games, to be honest it wasn’t even a challenge that much. They played two games with Tier 4 Hunters and I lost both. Not by a lot- pretty close games- but I lost them nonetheless. There is no reason Tier 4 power should make up for Hunter incompetence.

Thoughts, ideas? Agree, disagree? I’d love to hear it. :slight_smile:

I’d also like to hear dev input, if they would be so inclined.


I think I have to disagree on the Sunny thing, her mininuke doesn’t feel too threatening atm, but I do agree it is pretty easy to land. (Really Rose, as accurate as the instahit, infinite range wallhaxor railcannon. >> you crazy.)
Torvald actually feels like hes in a good spot for me, he does respectable damage, but its easily dodged damage. The way to counter Thor is to play like Thor.
He makes you unable to overcommit to a target, but he can’t stop you from instadowning someone with a Warp Blast-Heavy Attack-Supernova combo. (I’m assuming you were running Wraith ^.^)
If anything the increased capacity perk needs to be looked into. That perk takes his already nasty burst and tacks on another 50%, and thats a looooot of damage that allows for 0 mistakes on a monsters part.
As for thoughts on the other things, I think Slims spores should be like Hydes nades, bigger radius, longer duration, but have a semi long cooldown.
Jetpack booster, just tone down the speed, the fact hunters can move at warp speed after a short cooldown is ridonculous.
Daisy is the destroyer of all, if she wasn’t cute how would she raise her armies?
Sheesh L2P much >
(Jk, you’re my favorite flower evah)


Maybe a small additional change is needed but keep in mind cabot had the ability to attack a monster across the map in no time, the Mininuke only works consistantly at close to mid range.

It’s a bit over the top at the moment you’re correct, but it also opens a chance of a pounce for the monster because the other hunters need around 5sec+ to reach a spot to shoot you off.
Nevertheless if you try to escape it’s almost impossible I thought about the 50% decrease of additional speed and range you get, it’s still huge but you won’t travel the whole map.

They are very strong but they already received a noticeable nerf, they take around 2-3 seconds if torvald is on a high point to reach the point he aimed for. Torvald works extremely well against Behemot at spots where hunters can stay above Behemoth, Behemoth climbs, Torvald shoots, Behemoth cries but for every other situation it isn’t that great. The other monster are always on the move except for Goliaths Rock Throw maybe but I dodge in genereal as soon as I expect a Mortar from Torvald.

I already stated that I dislike the spore gun in multiple threads, they hurt my eyes and people just spam them.
There is no real tradeoff to them, because the whole process only takes around 3 sec after that you are back at your spore gun.
I’m totally with you here.

Totally agree. Devs just don’t care about that. Since launch this is a known problem but it’s ignored for 2 months now.


But Hank/Caira/Sunny or Val can. And with Lazarus, you’ll down them but he’ll get them up because to deny the rez is to stay somewhat near to the corpse, meaning he can pepper you with mortar shots.

Not as accurate, it’s just so easy to hit! :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t even have to direct hit, a hit on the wall nearby does plenty of damage. A Sunny player can chunk you juuuuust a little too much right now. I’d like to see it dialed back marginally.

Although truth be told I don’t mind the mininuke like I mind that JPB. >.>

Many thanks. :slight_smile:


The issue with Torvald is that even when he’s the only one DPSing- say you have Caira healing, Hank shielding and Abe throwing Nades, making one, tiny mistake ends up in losing a MASSIVE chunk of HP/Armor. NONE of the other Assaults have this ability. Whatsoever. That’s an issue in my books.

It is unanimous. Nerf Daisy cuteness plz. Too powerful. ;W;

  1. I would keep the damage the same, but increase the reload. Or lower damage and increase blast radius a little

  2. I only find this to be a problem if the person getting flung can slow the monster down efficiently, otherwise the monster can usually escape during the charge time. However, with a griffin on the team this does seem downright broken to me.

  3. Giving mortars a much larger cooldown will stop them being so spammy. The Damage they do is fine, but you should be able to launch them every few seconds

  4. Totally agree with this. I was playing as slim earlier and took some decent high ground during a fight, and was able to keep the monster spored until we killed it. Before it could even move out of the cloud is hit it again, so he had near enough no chance of locating me. I didn’t even need to boost my heals with leech gun as they were so disoriented the entire fight and doing so little damage.

  5. Nearly quit the game over how broken this is. Need ugly nerfs asap


Agreed with all of those, more or less.


I prefer denying the rez by killing the rezzer (is that a word?) Its cliché, but its true enough. And if you need to body camp, make Torvald the body you’re camping, only Bucket can deny body camping like Thor, and lets be honest, no one ever picks Bucket :stuck_out_tongue:

Even Caira struggles against such high damage output in such a short time frame, Val (sorry) is kind of a crappy healer anyway (just speakin from experience, shes sorta an “I lose” button for hunters that go toe to toe with me)
As for Hank, hes killable (so original right?)
Im still salty about JP-RT -.-
I refuse to comment on that little shielding shite >:(
“Just destroy it”
Its been 35 years and its still at half health
Stupid little drone :unamused:
Not to mention the warp speed they can escape with, but I digress.


Already done that. They’re working on it.

Thing is, nobody knows how to do that yet. I’d personally do something like two flight modes, just so the distance and speed can’t be used at the same time unless Sunny gives away more battery. Slower reload could help a bit too.

Kinda his thing. Become predictable, he’ll melt you. Stay mobile, focus targets for shorter periods of time, bait out shields, use the battlefield… it’s complicated, but can be executed. I think there’s just more time needed for everyone to adjust.


I’d love a cookie. But I’m not a man. ;-;


Sorry, I need to stay classical with my memes, so I sadly can not do a variation.



I agree.
They still plan to tweak the launcher a little.

I would go with the slower reload speed on the booster. It would cause people to think before using it.

Torvald is great against slow monsters, and bad against fast monsters. You must learn when to move, which is as soon as you hear those mortar shots go off basically.


I agree with pretty much all of the originally raised points.

Strangely, I’ve noticed a massive influx of support players choosing Sunny, yet only a fraction understand how to properly use it. Those who do provide a massive advantage to their team, primarily because the entire team can beam across the map in no time.

Definitely need to rework the speed mechanic, or as previously suggested split the booster into two alternative channels, one that boosts jetpack speed (quick escapes) and one that boosts jetpack capacity (traversal, cliff climbing, etc)

Torvalds mortars primarily need a cooldown tweak. Right now assault can just launch a near constant barrage. Increase cooldown, make them a bit more of a tactical decision that also punishes carelessness/misses. Torvald still has a shotgun for dealing constant damage, his mortars don’t need to be so rapid as well.

Mininuke launcher is alright. Little bit of a damage tweak, other than that it’s pretty balanced.

Definite need for a tweak to the spore launcher. Vastly increased cooldown should do the trick, or just make it’s use extremely temporary, like 1 second, just enough to provide a very brief blinding that lets a focused hunter slip away

  1. not sure where her damage is right now. But it probably does need to be lowered a bit. Though I don’t want them to reduce it’s damage again. I’d rather have a longer reload.

  2. don’t think this is as bad as people make it seem. But it might need some tweaking. Probably just a speed reduction. Removing the speed part all together might be too much.

  3. eh. Right now Torvald is settled in between Parnell and Hyde. So i dont really think he needs much aside from fixing the shoot straight up thing.

  4. This is probably fine. Slim needs to be able defend himself. I’m not sure how well he’d be able to do that if he had a cooldown. Plus, he is already giving up healing and damage to lay a cloud down.


sunnys dmg is fine now. vs real monster u will be a little bit higher then a good hank. and no those 30k screens from farming wildlife do not count at all

jetpack booster needs a small tweak (reducing the speedbonus from x2 to x1.5 or just x1)

torvald’s mortars are to spammy


I feel like it’s mostly just the capacity upgrade on Torvald that makes him too good, though I could be wrong!

Definitely agreed that Sunny’s booster needs toning. Oddly it doesn’t give you extra jumps unless your fuel is on zero. You still drain fuel on the boosted forward jumps, meaning that when you arrive you’ll be low on fuel. It’s actually quite a smart mechanic but is a bit too good right now. If the monster makes the slightest slip up of stunlock on a target then Sunny’s jet can lunch them so high in a single burst you cannot catch them. Additionally, while your fuel depletes, so long as sunny has LoS, the booster does not run out of fuel when the target uses regular jetpack instead of bursts. You can stay in the air forever.

My friend and I have been running a combo of the Glide Hyde. it lets you stay up in Kraken or whoever’s face while you flame them. Very amusing.