Proposed Kraken Buffs


Don’t worry, I was kidding. Have a nice day :bucket_salute:


Wow, I was just like WHAT! @TheMountainThatRoars, this can probably be off topic lol


It can probably be closed to be fair, it has no purpose. :smile:

It did fool me though so bravo @RobertOfPotatoland, bravo.

Edit: Changed category to Off Topic anyway.



Suddenly it all makes sense now


Yeah, you might wanna lock this. It can only go badly from here.

I thought about putting it in off topic, but then I realized this thread will have a short life and then I wanted to get my kicks in while I could.


Oh yeah.



not many have taken the bait ;_;



Sadly, yeah. I was hoping that I’d get at least one person who actually wanted Kraken buffs in here, and then have the topic quickly locked.




I wish I had the power to close threads but it seems I need to Evolve once more. :wink:

Calling @TheMountainThatRoars to real in the bait and close the thread if @RobertOfPotatoland still wants it closed.



Can we have somebody watch this right until a pro-kraken buffer sees it, and then close it right then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anything works for me, though. Whatever’s the most convenient.


Since this thread is whatever, random question: What’s up with your name? Are you from Idaho? I always enjoy a user name/GT anecdote.


Your thread so it’s up to you. It hasn’t gone wrong yet so it seems fine. It’s turned into a place for awesome memes and gifs. :smile:


I dunno. Robert is my first name, and I think the word potato sounds funny.



Well, might as well leave it alive for now then :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheMountainThatRoars Might wanna check this every now and then though, could go badly.


Let me know if/when you want it closed. :slight_smile: