Proposal to make Laz viable


I’m sure everyone likes Laz’s idea. He isn’t a real medic, he is an anti-death system. But I’m sure everyone has also realized that he isn’t viable in high-tier play. I want to offer some proposals to make him more acceptable in high-level play. Not all of them need to be added, but I feel one or two would be nice.

  • Allow Laz to AoE heal on revives: This sounds weird, and odd when a fight is going on, but an AoE heal when Lazarus revives someone can offer huge livability to his team that’s still standing.

  • Revert Heal Burst: Right now, his heal burst comes off cooldown faster and heals for less than normal. While spam is nice, giving him a stronger heal burst is even nicer. Most people grab reload speed anyways. If not revert it, just buff it a little bit in it’s healing percentage. Maybe 18-23% per burst?

  • Let Laz remove Strikes: When Laz goes down, the team dissolves and his job gets harder. If Laz can remove one strike per revive on that player, it would allow for his team to stand a greater chance in the long run.

  • Remove Cloak Detection: Lazarus is easily found when he is cloaked. This makes his cloak as useless in combat as a Support’s cloak, and with a shorter duration. If his jetpack exhaust was invisible and he didn’t leave any footprints when he moved, his survival skills will increase by a good bit.

  • Increase Cloak Duration: 10 seconds is nice, it allows him to get in, revive, and get out. But as stated before, he is found way too easily and his cloak doesn’t last long enough to avoid the monster when he has DoT particles like fire on him. Maybe bump up the cloak to 15 seconds?

  • Remove Interruption on revives: Knock-backs are still fine, they SHOULD interrupt. But when Laz takes damage, and he doesn’t get displaced, he should be able to finish his revive.

What do you guys think?

I like these ones:


I like all of them but I don’t agree with the “remove strikes” one, sounds op lol and it will really make the monster player rage


Here’s my ideas:

  • Give him a toggable cloak to let him turn it on/off at will. Currently it’s just a gimped version of Support’s AOE cloak. You would think a personal cloak would be more flexible.

  • Let Laz resurrect dead Albino Monsters that removes their buff and turns their coloration back to normal, making him the only hunter capable of denying buffs to the Monster. Currently resurrecting wildlife has very little practical use besides farming the first mastery.

  • Let Laz use the Lazarus Device to heal a single team mate (even while moving) at close range, with the same strength as his Heal Burst, so it actually has use when someone isn’t dead.

@Yazkin I updated the suggestion you borrowed.


He seems fine as he is to me. A good Laz player is annoying and can really tip the balance in favor of the hunters.


This. So many people don’t use the tranq gun. Laz can bring the hurt, not just resurrect.


Awhile back I made a thread suggesting a slow, obvious ranged revive option as a way to help Laz against Monsters who know how to counter him.

I feel that this would be a good way help him in difficult situations against skilled Monsters while retaining his revival focus.

I had an older idea to let the glove be used on walking Hunters to heal them to full health, and I like the idea of wiping strikes, but they don’t seem to address the core problem.

To copy paste a bit:


When used at range Lazarus’s glove launches an obvious, glowing and humming beam that revives the target if not interrupted for a duration.

It would take 3-4 times as long as a generic “Get up” sequence to complete, but could be performed from a relatively safe distance of half of Val’s healing range.

It would have no effect if the channel was not completed, and the glove would go on cool-down upon completion.


Everyone being forced into health regen perk is a pretty big blow
espacily to hank cabot and parnell
who really need the 50% capacity increase for there buffs to really shine

But yea those stealth changes should really be added
Cloaking is pointless
Far too many dead giveaways
only bad monsters will fall for cloak


Really it’s the cloak that needs to be buffed, both duration, and tbh VO callouts & footprints both need to be gone altogether from all cloaked Hunters. You don’t see bright red footprints any other time, but all of the sudden when you’re mostly invisible you leave a trail… great. (OR when you’re playing as Support: “Quiet people, cloak is on” “LOOK IT’S THE MONSTER I SEE IT RIGHT THERE!!!”). It’s not even like you’re completely invisible; you shout VO lines, using any ability takes you out of cloak, you leave jetpack trails - there’s just so many ways that cloaking is not nearly as useful as it should be.

Yep. There should be a cooldown that you can partially negate by turning it on/off. If you toggle it off it should give you back a small percentage of cooldown, even if it’s not 1/1 ratio. I’ve always felt like most class abilities should work this way so you can conserve them for when you need them instead of wasting them completely. It makes so many matches turn on a class cooldown like Mobile Arena and I’ve never liked it. Lazarus is basically dead when his cloak runs out - if he wasn’t already killed because of his inexplicable glowing footprints or body camping AoE abilities. You can have FUN playing as Lazarus, but competitively or even just taking the game seriously, he’s a liability, not viable at high levels, and no winning tournament teams use him.


A toggle-able cloak would go a long way towards helping him out.

And letting him use the Lazarus device to heal people in close range would probably be alright, if only to actually keep people healthy before engagements.

Currently I hate playing with a Lazarus, though he can do alright with a Hank. Hyde helps a bit too. But monster with feeding speed perk and it’s over.


Toggle cloak would be a nice start.

Maybe with a 3 second mini-cooldown before you can toggle it back on. If cloak goes below 10-20%, Laz must wait until cloak fully recharges. This would be a nice buff for higher level players, but will affect lower level players less. Currently Laz is good versus newbie monsters, so any buff suggestions must be something that only higher level Laz players can take full advantage of. As is, higher level monsters can easily track cloaked hunters, so I feel this might not be enough.


Lol yeah, The VO call outs when stealth are dumb, and have let me kill many a Hank. I’m goliath chasing after invisible hank can’t find him and redirect towards medic. then he pulls out his sheild “SHEILDS READY!” and im like, so is my rock.


Also, I feel all these suggestions to buff Laz are somewhat missing his greatest weakness…the mobile arena.

Laz can’t do much about preventing the trapper from going down inside an arena. It allows monster that are domed to simply down the trapper, avoid any engagement they don’t like and keep feeding until stage 3. Maybe add in a 10 second timer in-between trapper going down and the arena. If trapper is raised in time, arena stays. This at the very least gives the hunter team 10 seconds to punish a monster thats camping the body to prevent a Laz resurrection. Frankly this idea in general would promote more arena fighting and less chasing, which the game needs, imo.


I was about to post this same thing but found this older thread instead. His cloak does need to be stronger and make it harder to find him (no footprints, no jet trails, no talking, screaming when hit is okay). With a cloak this strong, it’s not necessary for the support or medic classes to put beams on him and I would even suggest that they can’t beam him while he is cloaked. Right now, I feel his cloak needs the most attention.

I agree with the ability to remove strikes because sometimes the team is hurt when they could revive someone faster but instead wait for Laz to do it. The monster knows that only Laz will go for the revive so Laz is the only hunter he needs to worry about. If Laz could remove strikes, the monster still gets progress towards evolving when he downs someone and Laz still can’t remove strikes from himself. It also makes Maggie more viable with Laz.

I also agree with the trapper dilemma. If the trapper is picked up within 10 secs of being incapped then the dome stays up. Monsters against a team with no Laz could still use that extra 10 secs to flat out kill the trapper if they don’t want to focus on anyone else. Maybe the dome would go down if the trapper dies but Laz would still have an advantage of picking him up more quickly and arena fights last a little longer against a team with Laz.

The cloak toggle is a great idea and I think it should be tested.