Proposal to help Lazarus in higher level play with minimal effect on pubstomping: Slow, obvious ranged revival


Lazarus is outright amazing against Monsters who do not know how to play against him, but he suffers against higher level ones who know to wait for him after downing a character as a trap.

To this end, I propose another option for Lazarus revival.

It would create a decision between the current fast and possibly discreet revival and a slow one that gives up his position but can be performed from a relatively safe distance.


When used at range Lazarus’s glove launches an obvious, glowing and humming beam that revives the target if not interrupted for a duration.

It would take 3-4 times as long as a generic “Get up” sequence to complete, but could be performed from a relatively safe distance of half of Val’s healing range.

It would have no effect if the channel was not completed, and the glove would go on cool-down upon completion.

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I somehow don’t see this really making a lick a difference. Maybe that’s just me.

I find the real issue is that most higher level monsters just eat the bodies and that’s it.


It may not make much difference, honestly.

It may just put the Monster on a timer for corpse camping.

Theoretically, Laz’s other teammates will be shooting the Monster to prevent eating.


As a lvl 40 monster that rapes face most of the time, I usually get someone down, kill them, and if I’m not able to eat them, I go straight for Laz. If I saw a glowing buzzing thing, even if it were invisible, I’d rush it within seconds. There’s no way this would work right, and if you put it on a lower active time it’d be too broken. MAYBE if the amount of time it took was based on how close Laz is to the fallen hunter… That could work.


It could maybe work I really don’t know. To me laz is one short step away from OP and at the same time just as close to UP. I still think a good team with a good laz can still work really well in higher levels its just hard.

I mean this sounds like an idea that could work, but it depends on far away he can be.


It may force you to leave the corpse long enough for an invisible Support to revive instead, and revive the Hunter outright if you chose to stay and beat on it.

Could be a good idea to make it ramp up with proximity.


That is Lazarus’ dilema.

My idea was for it to have half of Val’s Medgun range, which is quite large but reasonable for the Monster to gap close, in my opinion.


What Is Val’s med gun range? I can’t say I know the number.


I don’t really know the range numbers, I’ve just seen it.

Hard to gauge.


I don’t play as monster, but can a monster eat while he is taking damage? I’m suspecting the answer is yes from match experience, but not 100% sure.


He cannot.


Maybe a good 45-60 meters? somewhere around that.


If I was at home I would look at my evolve guide I will when I get home, and post it if no one does before that.


Depends on the type of damage. Downed hunters don’t count as damage that can interrupt eating, but anyone standing and shooting with a normal damaging gun does. So do most Wildlife… fuck you Mammoth Birds…


The only reason I asked is b/c I played with a team against a Wraith a few days ago and we got absolutely slaughtered, and Lazarus was no help. The wraith would just spam a person until they were down, stay on them until dead, and then eat them. I felt like we were all shooting him the whole time, and doing nothing to make him even flinch or stop eating. He took us down one after the other, without stopping.


Well, Wraith is an entirely different conversation we won’t get into here.


She can eat while invisible, which makes things tricky.

It can happen in the space of a reload, which I view as a balance problem personally.


You can revive while the monster is eating the body, so if you are brave enough to run up to it they can’t eat it.


Much, much, much more advisable to shoot to prevent it for many reasons.

Sneak Pounce adds nothing positive to the game, and is particularly frustrating for Pug teams

Very true, I will yell at my team to keep shooting them until they move on but if it’s late in a game with a low HP monster, one last rez can be the difference between winning and losing. I usually run damage resist perks so I can take some extra hits when I rez while the monster is on top of me.


That is the perk I use.