Proposal on improving Class/Monster preference selection and Matchmaking search


First of all congratulations for all the work in creating one of the most original games in the past years.
But like many things in the world there is room for improvement.

Not everything is about balance or skill kits, another important area is on the Class selection and how this choice influences how the server will spend resources to find and assign a match to the player.

The way it is designed affects both a player’s feedback and server resources spent on finding the perfect match of Game<->Player, so this area must be optimized as much as possible

In the current setting, not everyone is willing to play any character be it Hunter or Monster.
There is a chance a player will get an unwanted slot and will leave the game right away, this leads to time spent finding a game slot not being filled anyway.
Most importantly if a player searches for a game and then leaves it, he will very likely start a new search, and time and server resources already spent are wasted both for the game or server and the player. Keep in mind that the same can happen multiple times.

So here is my proposal:
Make an additional selection menu after Multiplayer, this menu will ask what you want to play: Hunter, Monster, Random.
It will be very similar if not identical to the selection you have to do when playing Solo instead of Multiplayer,

Hunter -> Search only games with a free hunter slot
Monster -> Search only games with a free monster slot
Random -> Search any game with a free slot. Similar to random preference in the dedicated menu, but it will be moved in this selection instead. You can keep the current behaviour for this one

Add a checkbox to give this option: Only search for new games, or Do not search for games in progress, or anything within this description.
Maybe in the description a warning can be given to explain that search time may be affected.

This will also exclude another case where a player is matched with a game in progress and leaves it right away creating a similar situation as described above.

You can leave the current Class preference priority (e.g. Assault > Medic > etc) menu for hunters, you can improve it by having a new Monster preference menu. With enough patience and fantasy, the perfect match would be found more easily with the result that, in a perfect world, the search would be performed only once

The same can be done with Skirmish/Evacuation selection by possibly adding Random mode as well. This is not mandatory but it would save some time in some cases by having a pool of players willing to join any kind of game thus filling slots more easily.

Let me know what do you think about it


I agree. In pretty tired of joining mid matches. We need a ranked lobby or a way to join games that havent started that will gurantee our role being picked, (monster/hunter).


What an absolutely and amazing post. I posted a similar suggestion, but yours is much more detailed :smile:


I was happy to see that there was a dedicated Feedback section where I could write this down :slight_smile:
I’m sure that there are a great many players that need or needed something working like this, now let’s hope that it will be noted and that there will be some good results