Proof the Game is Imbalanced

Ah, okay. I see what you’re trying to say. I wasn’t even aware that wasn’t possible in the beta, I’d assumed that he just didn’t think to pounce you.

That play wouldn’t work now, again unless the monster forgot that he was able to pounce you, but I don’t understand why you think that it SHOULD be possible, or why specifically for the assault. I guess the shield being able to break/resist pounce damage is interesting, but pounce is doing exactly what it’s designed for, which is make it very very very deadly to engage with the monster one on one, and to let a monster catch you off guard alone. It is still entirely possible to make clutch plays, I’ve run away to survive on my own as the hunter many times, and once I was even able to kill him up close like you did. The key now is that since being backed into a corner would be an easy pounce target, just maintain your distance.

You have guns, they shoot stuff from afar, pounce is a short-range ability that honestly isn’t easy to use on a target that’s even trying to juke. Pounce still maintains it’s ideal use of picking off alone targets, it’s not practical to use in battle ( which would definitely be imbalanced ). All you have to do is move to the left or right, or be far enough, and it’ll miss – in other words, being in a corner would be a bad idea.

EDIT: Note that you can very clearly tell when a monster is trying to pounce, with the crouch animation. As a monster I’ve tried to pounce targets many times, going into the crouch and realizing I’ll miss, but I’m unable to cancel out of it. I’m forced to go through with the missed pounce animation, or freeze there with my hand in the hair hoping you’ll wander back into range, and THEN go through with the animation. Pretty punishing, IMO, since a hunter can easily strafe/jetpack boost when he sees the monster crouch down.

… (plumber voice) Ahyep, see, there’s yer problem, right there… (/plumber voice)

Snark aside, that’s not an optimal way to play. If you can’t engage the monster before stage 3, you’re going to have very little chance of defeating it. Learning to track the monster effectively and quickly is a big part of getting better at the game, and it’s key to being able to defeat the monster regularly.

You could pounce on the hunters like that even in the beta. I did it myself at one point. Meaning that the guy in the video could have done it at any time, he just didn’t.


Just to throw in my two cents, I personally feel the game is balanced on paper only, turtle rock are Obsessed with trying to keep wins 50/50 but this throws out the balance at high level play which I believe is why low skill monsters are losing A LOT and high skill monsters are just owning everyone, to give an example of why 50/50 balancing doesn’t work I’ll use dota 2, now when I played it a hero called chen had a win percentage of around 12 out of 100 which Sounds terrible but he was a high skill character designed for high skill players but when played in tournaments and such his win/loss rate was pretty damn even making him a balanced but high skill character, because turtlerock insist on trying to keep 50/50 win loss high skill play and low skill play will differ dramatically which results in some mixed results and monster players who can play over a hundred games without ever losing which we’re seeing now

anything is possible if you use your advantages


@Imper1um The monster W/L is because if they ALT+F4 before they lose it doesn’t count against them. Mystery solved.


hunters could do the same…?

Could. But clearly they’re not or this post wouldn’t have been made.

i don’t know. i haven’t had any trouble taking out hunters on any map other than aviary. i think all of my non-bugged losses are from aviary, and i think i’m keeping at least 8wl or more with wraith and around that with kraken, with no disconnecting.

i don’t really get along with the goliath’s abilities. i think he’s an aquired taste. i prefer flying i think.

the game is totally unbalanced. that’s the point. if somebody is bad they’ll get destroyed. the flipside is that hunters fall like a house of cards when they lose one guy.

if that’s from global stats then equal to 1% is fine. hunters are always going to have the advantage with noobs thrown into the mix (4x possible reactions to a situation over a bad monster because 4x input)

guys dont forget a monster is ALWAYS on the same skilllvl cuz its just u … while hunters have to play with 3 other ppl.

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So your solution would be a monster that can’t escape the hunters, but has so much health it just swats at the players for ages?


What level are you at? People didn’t start getting good to a bit past 30 in the beta. I went completely undefeated then lost four times to the same team.

i think in the mid twenties. i’ve fought some teams already and even come out with a draw from an insane attack with no armor and two bars of health

i think at the moment level doesn’t really mean too much. i’ve been way lower level than the rest of the party and still beaten them.

i also think that the more people understand their equipment/enemy’s equipment the easier the game is (especially for the monster)

It doesn’t mean much but the people who are already that far in the game tend to be a bit more serious about it and tend to run more organized groups.

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if the matchmaking was rank rank based i’d be able to give you more detailed feedback on high level play right now. i’m ~120 rank wraith on PC last time i checked

i feel like in a couple of weeks this won’t matter because everyone will cap to 40. at that point we’ll need skill matchmaking (because when worse players get rank 40 they deserve to be fairly matched)

I was 10th in beta, but I’ve been spending all my time in custom matches since release.

i was just playing automatch, do you use any modifiers? some of them are pretty fun

the only time i really enjoyed the modifiers so far was in an evac match with the wraith trap teleporter :smiley:

Nah, we just play normal hunts for hours, we used to do evacuation but it’s really frustrating playing it for hours as the monster because the maps are all extremely biased except the normal hunt.

yeah, that we can pretty much agree on. you have to rush in nest and really get your act together on the survivor rescue match. they might need some changes. one match i was playing trapper and daisy just revived like 8 survivors automatically. coulda just sat with the monster in bubble and let daisy win the match.

Yep. I got tired of it. Currently it’s the only mode any of my teammates have beat me at.

i think the best way to win it would just be to rush ambush at the first survivor spawn as kraken 1 with banshee 1 and vort 2

or ls 1 vort 2

if anything that’s just a testament to how broken that particular mode is.

that’s probably where your 1% comes from. that and aviary map, not imbalance.