Proof that matchmaking does not look at preferences


There are people who claim that matchmaking looks at preferences. And that the only reason you get a low preference is due to how the match is setup currently (but that it will be fixed when new roles are picked in the next match of the same lobby).

What if I told you that it’s possible to be put in a lobby that is not yet going and then end up with your 5th preference? Because that is what just happened.

Take a look for yourself:

Notice the preferences right before I join matchmaking. What do I end up with? My 5th preference.
This result can mean a couple of things:

  • The match contained 5 people all with monster as 5th preference. Matchmaking should have made sure that there was at least one person willing to play monster in that match.
  • At least some people were premade, and the rest had monster as 5th preference. Matchmaking should have mude sure that there was at least one person willing and allowed to play monster.
  • Not everyone in the match had monster on 5th preference, but somehow it was more viable to put me as my 5th preference anyway. Again, matchmaking should have made sure that at least one person was willing to play monster.

Full premade is only possible if the last person was invited while matchmaking was finding a last person (as seen in the video). In which case I should have been kicked back to matchmaking (like it did once already).

Edit: Here is a video of the 6 matches I was put in this evening. These are in order. In the single match I did not get monster, I was put as monster in the match that followed up (so much for staying in a lobby to get your preferred role)

I don’t have proof of being put as the monster after that one match as medic, but 5 out of 6 matches as my 5th preference should be enough proof that something is wrong.

About the Monster

The problem with matchmaking is volume. Its a lot easier to get what you want when there is a pool of many to choose from. Sometimes the game weighs creating a new server over preference.


I wouldn’t call 5 our of 6 times “sometimes”. Technically 6 our of 7 but I don’t have proof of being put as the monster after that match as medic.

video here:


I believe the problem isn’t the preferences, it is the fact that people either want to play the monster or they don’t. I could imagine there are quite a few people who have monster as a #2 or #3, but how many topics have been created by people who have monster as a 5th preference? Normally I play as monster, and normally I get that as it is my #1 preference; however, if I want to play as hunter I put monster as #5. How many others do this? How many place monster as either #1 or #5?


I’m a monster main. But if i want to go hunter then I make monster the 5th slot and unless it’s a premade team, I’m never the monster. I’m on ps4. And play a lot.

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Anecdotes aren’t proof, unfortunately. It is entirely possible for the system to not have the ability to put you in a game with your preferences. It’s also possible that the system also holds other factors as important (such as filling servers with a full compliment of human players). It’s a preference system in the end, and that implies that you may not get what you want by its very name.

This does cause issues, but it doesn’t show that the system isn’t working with preferences where it can.


yeah, but when 6 out of 7 matches I find in an evening are my 5th preference, it certainly feels like it’s ignoring my preferences.

If it doesn’t ignore preferences, it’s really bad at taking them into account.


Actually, I believe it’s because of the above reasonings (like monsters are usually #1 or #5) and such, but in addition to that we have to account the player pool together. The more players there are, the easier it is to create a match with prefered roles because there’s gonna be that one player woo just logged on and happens to have the role your missing.

With a lower player account, there’s less fluctuations in what everyone’s preference looks like so what happens is that players with the exact same preference set up are put into a match and each role is chosen randomly at that point.


The game has a number of criteria I imagine matchmaking is trying to fulfil.

  1. Filling servers, it’s meant to be a PvP game, and bots don’t give the right experience the game deserves
  2. Filling games already in progress
  3. Placing people of similar level together
  4. Fulfilling preferences

Not necessarily in that order, but probably pretty close. Preferences are no good if adhering to them puts you in an empty server, or against people that are either too low skilled or too high skilled for your enjoyment.

As I’ve said, the whole putting people in as monster when it’s their 5th preference helps no-one. Hunters don’t enjoy a stage 1 stomping over the monster any more than the monster does. And given this usually happens when trying to fill a server with a party in it the frustration compounds. But in other scenarios I personally don’t believe your preference should matter. People should learn to play a bit of support when they really want to go medic, variety is the spice of life and experience is the key to better understanding.

It’ll never be “perfect” because perfect relies on too many variables being exactly as everyone needs them to be at the same time, some people are always going to get the result they weren’t looking for. While some are willing to wait for dozens of minutes until the perfect slot is up, I don’t think TRS are wrong in trying to encourage people to play during that time instead of wait for the spinning wheel of loading to stop :smile:


I don’t expect perfect matchmaking, I expect decent matchmaking. What I’m getting is beyond terrible.

It doesn’t look at skill anyway. As you said: it looks at player level. Which is completely unrelated to skill (you can lose literally every match you ever play in evolve and be level 40 eventually).


Yes very true, but it can only go on what it knows as an approximation, and levels are that for now. Ranked play will change this.


Nine times out of ten I get put as the monster when I play PvP Evacuation, even though it is my 5th preference.
So I usually just skip myself the minute penalty and play CO-OP.

I have even been put into lobbies that were not fully populated and got put as the monster. With some hunter slots empty.

I would imagine it has to do with the poor selection of players around level 40, but I give up on it making sense, so I just stick to CO-OP.


One could argue that being forced to play a role that you don’t like does not give the right experience either (mostly talking about monster/hunter side here. I admit that it’s annoying not to have the hunter class you would like but is much more minor compared to monster/hunter choice)

I think a big mistake they did is going for a lobby based multiplayer experience. When you combine preferences with lobbies, you get the kind of mess we have to deal with currently. Single instance games a la starcraft/Lol/HotS would have made it much easier for players to play their favored class.


It is a PvP experience, so it will put someone as the monster even if there are hunter slots.


Whatever I put as my top preference, I get more than 50% of the time, then my 2nd preference I get like 30% of the time. Most of the time I don’t get my 4th or 5th preference AT ALL unless I was put into a game in progress. It heavily weights preference, but matchmaking doesn’t account for games in progress.


After discussing this in length, i assume we can all agree that MM does not work the way it should work and needs improvement.
It does what it is intended for. Gathering 5 players and putting them in a game. Yet, it does a poor job on fulfilling the players wishes on what he/she wants to actually play.


Please watch the video I posted in the OP. Where 5 out 6 matches (none of which were in-progress!) I ended up as my 5th preference. I wouldn’t say that matchmaking “heavily weights in preference”, because in my experience it does the exact opposite.

I’m happy that you’re not having the issues that I’m having, but the issue should not be dismissed because some people are not affected by it.


You are incredibly unlucky if that’s how it normally goes for you.


5 out of 6 is not how it normally goes, but being my 5th preference half of the time definitely is normal in this game for me. That’s why I started recording my experiences with matchmaking in the first place, to prove that my 5th preference is at least as common to get as my 1st.

The fact that 5 out of 6 is even possible proves that there is something horribly wrong with matchmaking though.


As I said before (and at risk of repeating the circle) it doesn’t prove anything, since a preference system is not a guarantee system, and there is more at play than your preferences when matching you to a lobby/server.