Proof of the Behemoth's Unholy Nature?!?


Many have speculated where the Behemoth comes from and where it fits into the ecology of Shear. This video, as part of my “Release the Kraken” video series, might have the answer…but you may not like it…

This is episode 5 of my series, but it might as well be called Episode 666…

(Also, I know I have a thread already for my video series, but considering how that’s been untouched for a while I didn’t know if posting this there would’ve been considered a necromancy. Mods, if you object to this being its own thread, please let me know.)


Hm. I thought you would have went for a “That’s what she said.”


Maybe I should have… :smiling_imp:


I’ve had this glitch once before, pretty sure I fixed it by using an ability. Sucks that you lost because of it though.


Since this is the first time this glitch has happened to me, I’m not bitter about it. I’m generally a good sport about things like this anyway - I figured instead of getting mad, I’d use it as comedy for a video. :wink:


Someone must’ve put a crucifix somewhere. ;W;