Pronunciation of 'buoy'


So, I’m laughing at the tutorial video announcer because when trying out EMET I notice she says ‘boo-ee’ when talking about the healing buoy. Then, when playing with an EMET, I hear him say it too.

Is this an American English mangling of the pronunciation, or just TRS getting it wrong?

In British English, at least, it should be pronounced ‘boy’.


Just different pronunciations of the same word.


In the US, we have different pronunciations. It’s how it is. We’re not wrong just because you say it differently.


Boy or Boo-e. Either way, it’s correct.


I prefer to call them Healing totems :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys pronounce everything wrong. Here in America we pronounce things THE AMERICAN WAY!



When you’re in the heat of battle, it doesn’t matter what you call them.

“Throw a thing at me!” - skills4u2envy, 2016


Throws toxic grenade :smile:

But yeah, either pronunciation is correct.


Emet calls them boo-ees in the new audio since the patch but the subtitles call them spikes. Am I the first to notice this?
Also (bit off topic) Emet is the only one, when played as a bot, when showing the hunters, will have his name not all in caps. For example: LENNOX JACK Emet KALA.


It’s “Boy” not “Booee” RAAAAAAAAGH


I was watching @GrizzleMarine when Emet first came out and I originally thought he was mispronouncing it as well. Regional differences i suppose. We had to find some way to distinguish outselves from you British nobs (kappa)


Even though we invented the language!! :wink:

Yeah to be honest I pronounced gobi and alot other characters wrong until I actually heard someone from TRS say them. Not really to do with the language or accent much more being misinformed.


Look at that damn third pronunciation. That says “bu:i” AKA:






'Murica, fuck yeah



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Though* not know lol sorry I couldn’t resist


Jesus that was a really stupid mistake. Yeah I do know that is correct I think I just derped out on myself