Project: Peanut


I might be able to sneak that one in… I like it


OMG congratz Man!


You’re a little late for the news.


What the - you’re making a baby? How are you doing that?

Just waiting to be taken seriously


is anyone taken seriously thoe? :stuck_out_tongue:


Came for the “semi Evolve related” on the weekly TRS forum mail. Oh well, it’s my fault for keeping a little hope. Congratulations on the amazing news anyway!


Congrats on your little monster (we all know that they all turn into one eventually XD)

Might I suggest the wonderful name of Bucket?



Name it Kala/Kali if it’s a girl, and Hyde, Parnell, Griffin, Abe, or Hank if it’s a boy.


already tried bucket. Got a firm no XD



What about Window or Foot?


Haha, that’s my very first gif when I discovered


Dunno where I got it exactly. Downloaded it somewhere from the forums I believe (like most of my gifs and memes), but can’t exactly remember from whom :sweat_smile:


It was the first gif I have ever made, I made it when I was screwing in another forum (Dispenz0r’s Fun Server, alias DFS) but I left this forum because the community was really toxic. The gif is from one of the videos of a member of DFS who was called Dr.H******.
This is the original video: