Project: Peanut


Well i’m not sure what category to put this, but i guess “I made this” applies here XD
For those that are curious, I’ve been extremely busy for the past few months (since Stage 2’s release) and I’m extremely happy to announce 2 things.
I have officially finished my second degree and my partner and I wanted to share some great (semi) evolve related news.

Sarah and I have begun a project between the two of us. We’re both extremely excited and looking forward to seeing the results…

Currently we’re deciding on names, but currently “Goliath” has made the list :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of community made content :laughing:



May I suggest ‘Sunny’ if it’s a girl? :wink:

Well he obviously worked “hard” for it.

P.S. I wonder where this thread will go :thinking:


Crongatulations!!! :smiley:

I speak very weirdly…I’ve spoken English for 15 years but I somehow suck at it so when I said Congratulations it came out as the word above, so I stuck with it, like this Dank meme text

Explaining because I dun wanna be weird

Not that I should make you choose a name but this is for da jokes…Behemoth nicknamed Bob, Bob is real name…ta daa :anger_right: <-- magic wand


When a short man named David kills your son, Goliath with a rock you can look back on this as I say, I told you so.


Thank you for editing that, I was so confused :joy:


Wowie! Congrats!


She gave me a firm: “Nope”

But we’re extremely excited about the prospect :slight_smile:


What about Atlas? I wanted the name for a son but my wife shut me down…now it’s the dog’s name…


I have a feeling that may happen to some of my recommendations aswell.

Osiris and Lazarus have also been recommended to the list.


What about Artyom?


I would definitelyyyyy not go with Goliath if I was you.


I was totally not expecting this, congratulations!!!

That picture is the!

Seriously though, congratulations on the addition to your family! :heart:


'Grats dude.


Congrats, you’re a future father now. It’s not always that we see something like this in a forum TBH, that’s even the first time I see someone posting about a future baby.
Anyway, moving to the name suggestion because everyone did it. I think personally that if it was a girls, the best name I would give her would be “Kala” from our hybrid scientist. Or if it was a boy, I’d take “Abraham” from Abe’s full name because it’s a name that a “BAMF” would have.

But if you are going to be a father, I also wish you good luck. Taking care of a baby is not an easy task, mostly when he/she cries in the middle of the night because he/she’s tired/hungry/annoyed/sick or had pooped/peed/vomited/etc…it’s a real challenge that takes years to be achieved (I seem to be a father if I say those things…but I’m only 17…and happily, I am not in relations with someone).


Its definitely a task i look forward to. Thanks :slight_smile:


Seems to be a shared sentiment XD


Didn’t think about that. I’ll ask her in the morning


Its the name me and my wide settled on if we ever had a son.


When someone make an overused joke about your country