Project Nex


Hello Evolve community!

I wanted to tell you all about a game I am a developer on. I am the lead 3D artist, character modeler, level designer, lore writer and a bunch of other things for a game called Project Nex that has been GREENLIT on Steam. :slight_smile: (That means we are clear to have our game published on Steam, we just need to finish it!)

Nex is an Arena FPS shooter game that aims to bring the genre into the modern spotlight of games. We have some pretty cool tricks up our sleeve that should give the genre a new look but we are also not trying to re-invent the wheel too hard. Please check out our Steam page with some cool vids:

Join us over on our forums if you wanna chat:

You can see my artwork here:

And most importantly, check out this environment concept I just finished blocking out! :smiley: (this vid is taken from my stream)

When I work on Nex I stream it live here:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas! Thanks guys!


i thought your handle sounded familiar…


not sure 2k or TRS would appreciate you advertising your game and your forum on their games forum


Yet I’m allowed to advertise and update people on the Prehistoric akaingdom game that I’m not developing. Not saying your wrong but I think he is allowed to do this.


i’m not sure if i’m right but most game forums wouldn’t appreciate it is all i’m saying


@YOGZULA I won’t deny this is a bit of an advertisement… I am also putting it in the off topic section where people talk about games. If TRS wishes to remove it, I will not put up a fuss. I am hoping to generate some conversation, nothing more.

Also our games are not exactly competitors. Very different sub-genre in the FPS genre. And our game won’t be playable for a long long time.

I just wanted to share something I am proud of with a community I enjoy interacting with.


Well the fact that it is an indie game denies the possibility of it being competition. Not saying anything about the game but with the fact about how many awards Evolve is getting, only competition is Legend of Zelda U; and who knows when that will come out.


I agree. I hardly think there is a correlation… Plus people can talk about other games on here, why can’t I post one I am working on?

If I posted all the same info and hid the fact that I am one of the lead developers I doubt any one would have said anything.


Quick! Edit the post before anyone else sees it! JK.


after the whole flappybird ordeal. i really want to make an indie game lol. nothing wrong with $70,000 A DAY.


On the DayZ forum there’s some big topics on direct competitor games (H1Z1 for example) and it seems ok. Personally, I feel that if you’re confident you have a good game, let the community talk about whatever other games they want to (so long as they do it in the appropriate thread). While this may be the Evolve forums, this community is awesome and the start of something that’ll outlast a single game. We’ll still be here when Evolve 3 comes out. :wink:


hey now, indie devs can compete!


I’m not saying they can’t compete. They just can’t compete against Evolve.


Bah, it’s in off topic. I’m cool with it.


TEKNOC, do i remember correctly in that Nex is being made in the unity engine?


@atavax Yes it is.


goodluck to you guys, seems like there is a recent explosion of arena shooters being developed, Project Nex, Reborn, Unreal Tournamen 4, Project Free Fall, Project Bluestreak, Chroma, Toxikk, Reflex, Warxon, and i’m probably forgetting a few.


This is the “Games” subforum for games other than Evolve. I don’t see why a game isn’t allowed here.

I’ll check it out eventually, don’t really have much time before Diablo 3 has taken over my life, but it does look really interesting.


Good luck with your project. It’s not something I’d be interested in, but it looks quite neat.

On the other hand, maybe another day I’ll take a moment to advertise stuff I’m working on here (don’t worry, not even close to anything FPS-related, it’s mostly in the SciFi/MMO/RPG categories).


That looks pretty cool! Reminds me of old school Unreal Tournament!