Project awakening


Very little info has been released so far but it looks interesting.

It is also the only game where “x is like monster hunter and dark souls had a baby” is now applicable.


Looks pretty neat.


Promising, I guess. Would like to try it.


Looks okay. I can’t really make my full decision on the game until they release more gameplay.


Kind of reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus


I’m hoping we get some more info on this soon, because what I saw looked interesting.


Combat looks amazing but yes…definitely need more info. than just a cool fight.


When I first saw the trailer, I really liked it. Now I just hope the game lets you create your own character :’>


Oh wait…this is a playstation game, not a PC game?


mmm… that’s disappointing. Hate exclusives so damn annoying.


I’d say that unless it’s being made by a studio that’s owned by Sony there’s a good chance it’ll appear on all platforms.