Project Almanac


Am I the only one out there that immediately references Back to the Future in this title? I first saw this trailer on TV and as soon as the title came on after watching it a huge smile spread out on my face (Big BTTF fan here). Almanac dudes…Grey’s Sports Almanac…


Only thing that comes to mind. xD


This movie better have a DeLorean in it. If I go see this flick and I don’t see a DeLorean in it SOMEWHERE, I’ll be soooo mad. I don’t care if it’s driving in the background, or on a poster, or a model car on a desk…


I saw this the other day. I’ve never watched Back to the Future but this movie is kinda interesting to me, just because the setting falls in my “cool” book. I’m just afraid the movie’s going to be too predictable due to the trailer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well now you know what to get next time you visit blockbuster or something. :stuck_out_tongue: