Progressions wiped since game released


I played last night at midnight with my friend and we got to about rank 4. I went to my room (on my second Xbox One) and did the hunter tutorial and then went to sleep. This morning my game progressions was wiped and I am back to level 1 and all my character progress is reset. It is no he end of the world because I was only rank 4 but I am more worried about this happening again.


Did you play before the release? If so, perhaps they did a wipe of the non-press release accounts to counter any pre-sold games? Not too sure though


Same thing happened to me this afternoon on XBox One. Nobody has fixed it yet. I don’t want to go back to playing Maggie and Markov. Ugh!


There is already a thread on this with active dev’s. Please search in the future to avoid clutter as well as receive a quicker response.


Ya but this guy is talking about playing on Saturday, the game came out today. I was playing after 12:01 am EST today. MY buddy kept all his progress.


i have the same issue, picked up at midnight played for a few hours, and now i’m back to nothing


I just wanted follow up because after playing with friends all day yesterday and getting to about rank 14 and almost finishing Claira’s second rank… once again this morning my progress was wiped. Getting real sick of this fast.


It happened three times now - last reset was yesterday evening. It’s not because I played it early - devs confirmed that.


I know it is so painful to see all my friends at high levels and I am just hitting 14 again, yet have over 40 wins.