Progression wiped... lmfao.. bye


so I am one of the small % of players who really beleived this game was one of the few that could make a truely competitive fpser/ arena style game. i gave turtle rock damn near 200 hours… unlocked several elite skins, and only stopped playing when the player base was really completely dead… (lets be honest, yes people played but this game was dead)

and now you want me back? sure… let see what this is all about… log in, ALL progression, EVERY bit of effort and gameplay i spent my 200 hours on… WIPED.

didnt even play a match, said Fu it… so , bye? or it is ever bye if I never said hello again?

really thought u guys were one of the few great devs out there, but tbh… u guys can straight up get bent!


Progression wiped on Stage 2 Evolve?


Let’s see, they removed the old progression completely, so they did not wipe it.

They then added a whole new, different progression system.

If you are leaving because you lost progress on the old system, then you’re going to miss out on the massive changes. It’s like learning a whole new game.


Well all progress, as well as masteries, has been deleted because of the new system. Any content that you bought will be carried over. So elite skins have been taken away. Reach level 20 on a character to get it and level 40 for their prime skin.

@XplosionIncorporated damn I got ninja’d


They played before Stage 2, left because of the low playerbase, then came back to a whole different progression system where all the old progress was removed.


Please note that Stage 2 is a separate entity from Legacy Evolve. Most of the game has been overhauled including the progression system. Masteries are gone in place of a new character progression system.

Any dlc you purchased will be immediately available but you will need to unlock your elite skins again.


Quite frankly I really enjoy having to progress through some of this stuff again. Hell I feel like I got too much when I looked and already had some strong masteries unlocked for me. To each their own though, it’d be a shame to see you go over something so small. I think as Xplosion said, its a whole different mastery system so. Give it an honest shot, maybe you’ll find you like it better this way. I know I do.


Didn’t they wipe progression when hunt was revamped too?

Either way, yeah it sucks but consider this a “new” game even though its totally not a new game. You can’t keep progression if the progression system is gone and replaced with a new one. Also 200 hours isn’t all that much, really. Don’t mean to sound like a dick but reach up into the thousands and then you’ve sunk your time into a game.


I have more than 1300 played hours and I was #1 Bucket on leaderboard with more than 1200 victories just with him and I played "competively " on weekly tournament.

I unlocked all characters, badges and skin (all arctic skins too).

And seriously I am really happy for this “wipe”. The game is now different than what you bought last year. Now you can play with 17,244 players tonight.

That’s just awesome.

You can say “Goodbye” to Evolve but you can seriously say “WELCOME !” to Evolve : Stage 2



Quietly slurps up the salt.


We generally don’t allow goodbye threads, so sadly this is no exception. I’ll be closing this to avoid any further conflict.