Progression Loss



i dont get it


Very upset this is still a thing lost 24 hours in game time of masters etc. Will be severely disappointed if there is no retroactive fix for this in a patch


Went from 29 to 1


That sucks but I wouldn’t mind it to be honest



Wow you must be the master of the maymays


I have a nice inventory at my disposal!


wow epic simply epic
is it okay if i call you the may may king??? le master of el reddit xDDDD


Lol no no I could not bear the weight of such a title. Besides I’ve not ventured into the world of Reddit XD thank you though


you should try it out man
you would be crowned MEME MASTA KING because you own all le epick may mays


Actually, no, I am the May May King @Slovenia, as I have coined and created an OFFICIAL Evolve Meme, that meme being the “Hey Bill” Meme. And this is the picture that started it all…


Lol no no, I prefer using them to bring something amusing to otherwise negatively toned threads. I’d have a heart attack trying to keep up on reddit (I totally get your anger @Alex_Ward btw but the title is little extreme)


Ah I remember when this happened to me. Take a few days off the game. Then if you want to return, think of it as a Prestige. Although losing your Elite stuff completely blows no matter what way you look at it. I just got Hyde to be my first Elite.


Yes the true king of Gondor has come for his rightful throne



I have to add in some non caps writing or it won’t let me post ;-;


You carry the fate of us all little one, you have my bow


I know it was extreme bit i posted it like 5 mins after it happened so the rage was flowing …Ive been dri king so it has subsided a bit still ain’t too happy about it


It will probably be fixed. I’ve noticed the end of round results in particular are really buggy right now for some reason (like, the “average values” of all the classes are incredibly low, usually under 600 for everything).

That said though, how do we know you didn’t just take the level 1 pic when you were level 1? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Because of his portrait icons. No level 1 would have those…