Progression Idea


Okay, so I was watching the old livestreams and I remember hearing guys talking about ‘builds’ with abilities chose and starting round perks chosen. This gave me a handful of ideas of ways to make the game more varied and, in my opinion, better.

  1. At the start of the round, you get to choose between perks like more damage, heatlh, eating speed, ect. However, most of the perks I have seen are the kind no one is going to use, like Climb Speed and Smell Range. Who wants to smell more when you can deal more damage? So this game me a better idea: Let the player pick 2 perks. Have two categories, One could be called something like ‘Offense’, and the other Survival. The first is stuff like more armor, more damage, ect., and the other one is more climb speed, smell range, ect. It ensures that some perks get chosen AND makes every round even MORE different.

  2. When you gain masteries in your weapon/skill, instead of only a flat damage boost, you get a perk to choose. After you get to the second of third mastery of any skill/weapon, you get to choose one of three perks. For example:

Perk 1: Daisy heals downed players 10% faster
Perk 2: Daisy has 5% increased senses
Perk 3: Daisy will attack wild animals and the hunter


Goliath Charge
Perk 1: You become fiery and deal fire damage as well as standard damage to hunters
Perk 2: Goliath Charge moves 10% faster, allowing you to cover more distance
Perk 3: You take reduced damage from the front while using this attack

Just some thoughts, let me know what you think!


Interesting ideas, though I think the combination of perks would be probably met with cries of ‘OP!’

It really just depends on your play style. I’m going to using the faster feeding perk as a defence against Lazarus, over dealing more damage.

In a way, this is already implemented. If you choose the increased damage perk, the pick up a climb speed perk from an Elite, you’re all set.


Nah, they’re fine as it is. Possible % tweaks but thats about it. As for Smelling Increased or Climb Faster, both of those can lead to some excellent builds. Climb faster is great if you are always changing height. Hunters slow down ALOT when they have to facelift themselves up cliff sides. As a Kraken it would be easy to play king of the hill(s) all over the map with this perk.

As for the smelling increase, it can really help out to find safer areas to hunt and/or evolve. A lot of permanent damage is done because the monster evolves and starts getting hit without armor when the hunters arrive. This would help prevent that and help locate food to evolve faster. This perk would be used for those that are interested in getting as much mileage out of evolving quickly as possible.