Progression: A slight feedback


I don’t see an option to create a poll, so i’ll just say to leave a number in your post. 0 for what we currently have.

I had a quick discussion with some people in a game, and we generally discussed the progression system.

As it stands:
You must 1-star all abilities/equipment to get the next set of stars.

This system is fine for unlocking new characters and should be retained as such, but as for actual progression, it leaves something to be desired.

We discussed 2 alternatives:

1: You can level each up independently, without having to be restricted by a star set.
2: You can still gain progress towards the next star on the previous star.

Say at 1 star, I racked up roughly 500 damage with a minigun for headshots. This would be saved, but not rewarded until I hit up to that 3-star progress tracker, and so on.

What do you think?


Both of those would be good. Anything to get it all out of the way as fast as possible so that I can just play the game.