Progress resets and getting them back?


I’ve just been reset on Evolve for the Xbox One a third time. The first at rank 13, the second at rank 3, and the third at rank 21. Before my third reset, I was pleased with my effort in obtaining Caira Mastery 3 for her Elite weapon skin. I’m not as upset as I probably should be, just merely disappointed. I still do look forward to playing Evolve because I enjoy the game whole-heartedly, however the resetting of progress is very discouraging to me. I hope to see a patch addressing this issue soon and perhaps give our lost progress back if possible. I do know Turtle Rock is doing their best already to find and fix the issue.


Dr Defib

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Update: Got reset a fourth time at rank 27. Time to get back up there. Again.

Update: Got reset at rank 5, then again at rank 1. Slightly frustrating.

Good news is the fix is in certification and testing as we speak and Macman stated he hopes to have it in this week. They are also working on a way to get your levels back but as of right now if you want your unlocks/achievements then you can contact 2K support for help. Sadly, your levels are not able to be credited back quite yet.

2K support page can be found here.

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Also check this :


I was just looking for that thread, thanks. Bookmarking that for future use.

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@Dr_Defib Ouch. Sounds painful.