Progress reset...but not level...?


So I see a lot of pepole on here are getting reset. Here’s what happened to me:

My Internet connection was pretty spotty at the hotel I’m staying at so it appeared that when I when to log it some data didn’t properly sync. I had to restart my game and when I did it made me go through the tutorial, etc etc.

Here is the thing though, my actual RANK did not reset, but ALL my progress did (mastery stars, perks, etc). I have no perks as if I am a level 0 and when I did rank up (to lvl 20) it gave me the perk as if I was a lvl 2!!

Now I feel I am pretty much f****ed…kinda wish since it reset everything it reset my rank as well since I’m not even unlocking the correct perks for my rank.

Lastly, anyone else have this issue in particular? I have already submitted a request to 2k and will keep you all informed.



Ouch, that really sucks. Seeing as it is a unique bug, I suggest putting it here. Scroll down to “Bug Reporting” and post there.

Good luck.


I have reported it but they still fail to address my particular problem. I almost wish my rank had reset then I’d be getting the correct perks. I’m now a lvl 21 and have shitty perks like I am a lvl 3