Progress: pc --> ps4


If i play on pc and then play on ps4 when its f2p.
Will my progress save somehow??
Or do i have to start all over again on ps4 ?

Can i have 1 acount for both pc and ps4 ?
Or do I have to make progress on both seperatly?


Unfortunately progress is platform specific. So you would have to start from scratch on PS4. That’s not to say that this won’t change in the future though. :slight_smile:


You must progress separately unfortunately.


The Devs are looking into a way to see if you can transfer your progress from console to the PC beta right now. If they find a way, I’m sure it would also work from PC to consoles.


I was literally about to make this topic. I’m a ps4 player, but while we wait for the stage 2 to come to consoles I was thinking I might give it a whirl on steam. however I would really like to play with all the characters and monsters that I paid for as a long time console player.

Does anyone know if that’s do able?


Are you asking if its a possibility? Yes, absolutely. Warframe has done this, in fact I’ve specifically done it within warframe. They have a migration process which allows you to move your PC progress to PS4. And it works fine.

That’s not to say this game is coded in a way that allows the same thing, but its definitely possible.

One thing to keep in mind though is that your accounts don’t stay together. Its a one time Migration and once its done that is your PS4 account. But I think for this situation that is what everyone would want.

They just want to play now, build their account and then move it over to their prefered platform. So yes, totally possible from the Tech side and PS4 obviously allows it. Its all on their tech team to do it.