Progress Lost at Level 39 :'(

You must not of seen my thread huh…

Just happened to me at lvl 25 and I’m furious. I can’t even imagine how pissed off you must be. This is inexcusable, and they need to fix it ASAP.

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I did indeed bruv… it sucks beyond belief. I was documenting just in case, though I highly doubt that they’ll make up for it.


I’m with you bro had level 40 and 3 mastered characters now level 1 with nothing even unlocked.

Feel so bad for everyone my leaderboard was reset not level, I have a feeling it will be next :frowning:

TFW you pay 60$ for them to tell you that you can’t play because they couldn’t fix a bug that DELETES PROGRESS AND SHOULD BE TOP PRIORITY PRE-RELEASE. It’s like they got our 60$ and called it good.

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Sorry to hear you guys are having this issue too, patch sounds like it’s coming in the next week, and it also sounds like they’ve got a fix to get you that lost progress back :slight_smile: Hang in there

Just checking, is this on xbox?

@Vindelisal @Unique

I am level 38 and this spooks me now


1 more level to go

I am 37 and have stopped playing until the patch to try and be safe but i don’t even know if that stops the resets or if its just random and no one’s safe.

Does anyone know what causes it? I am only level 30, but it’s quite worrying as one of my friends has stopped playing because of a reset.

The devs appear to know what the cause is, though there are a few triggers that can (but aren’t certain to) cause it. There’s a thread somewhere where they detail things to avoid. They know they can fix it, but it’s taking a while to be able to get the patch out to Xbox, and obviously to ensure that there’s as little chance as possible of another bug being caused by their fix.

yeah man xbox

I’ve stopped playing until they fix this issue. It’s just too frustrating to have happen again.

you can stillplay you just got progess lost

It just happened to me. I was level 31… I submitted a ticket to 2K and all they can do is re-unlock all of the characters. As if that is a proper repayment, I’m gonna have to do my character masteries all over again anyways so I’ll just unlock the characters then. It’s funny, I was actually looking at some dlc skins today and was considering buying one to further support TRS… Looks like I won’t be doing that anymore.

I can deal with a few bugs here and there. I can deal with some server problems at launch, but I can’t deal with losing ALL of my progress after putting in over 200 matches.


Really surprised this hasn’t been fixed now… surely it’s a server side issue???

Also, wonder if it’s anything to do with stats being left over from the Alpha?