Progress loss


Wondering if there is any known fix for progress loss on Xbox one


Fix is coming. The only thing which can be restored is your character unlocks at the moment I think.


I’m having the same problem


So this includes your elite skins right?


As of now elite skins can not be restored ;(


I know fixing this it’s not easy, but a lot of us on XboxOne are waiting to play until they fix it, and if takes too long maybe some of us will move along, I know isn’t a big deal because we already pay, but a pity because we really like the game and want to play it with my friends.

If devs/moderators have more info about the subject(eta etc) please try to update us.


I’m in the same boat my friend. Nothing irritates me more then lost progress in a video game that is on the developer/publisher end, especially in such a progression driven game as this. I won’t be touching this game until it’s fixed and I have my stuff restored…and if that takes more then a week or so, I’m going to return the game. I’d hate to put out a used copy already, but there are other games I could be playing…as much as I enjoy evolve :frowning:


I haven’t hit by it, I’m not playing it just in case…I have already lvl 32, maybe isn’t that much for most of you, it is for me.


Ok thanks for the info


Will the fix include your level and elite skins back?


no (10char)


It seems you might be able to get progression etc back… most recent post of interest;

[quote=“MacMan, post:168, topic:37447”]
Yeah, hatching a plan to give players back rank, mastery, badges, etc.

We think we can confirm players who lost progression on our side, so we
shouldn’t need to worry about players with bogus tickets. [/quote]

Watch this thread folks; *UPDATE* w/PATCH NOTES 3/5 5:06pm *HYDE BUFF!* 2 Co-Founder(s) + President/GM + Community Manager of TRS & 2K Sr. Manager on Progress Wipe