Progress locked 2k Response


I said those statements because she tried to reiterate what I was saying and didn’t provide any proof from a reliable source so I got upset that she’ was giving out false hope

also this:


Which thread in this information on? I would like to keep being updated on this upcoming patch. Thank you hellbound that’s all I wanted to hear. Now I have hope that thell repaire the problem. Nevermind found it

Yay! Close the thread now!


You are wellcome! They are both from the thread I linked here yesterday :smile:

Here is an easy way to only view dev. comments:


Aww, thanks! :blush:

It reset me again - .-

duuuuude! where were you levelwise?

First time it reset me was lvl 37 this time I was lvl 31

Should I just quit playing this game…

You’ve read my thread right? The one with 2,700 views and every comment from every important person regarding this issue?

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unless you like repetition, skoss, I would wait until you hear from TRS…

Nope can you link the thread?

Lost two elite skins…


That’s cool. Not sure why you replied to me when saying that. I don’t care if you got reset, tbh.

Still new too forum so I’m not sure how to reply without tagging someone else but thanks duck <auto correct) head aha

Duck head? Lol.

Also, you go to the BOTTOM. And click the REPLY button. Like on most forums.

Yea that was auto correct but I’m sure you know what I meant too say aha