Progress locked 2k Response


They will only give your characters back all badges mastery and lvl will forever be gone I’m writting this so you all won’t have to submit a ticket with your hopes high the bug will be fixed but for those that got reset your gonna have to do it again it’s no big deal but if you had elite skins sucks for you thell tell you to take a picture of your leader board for each character you unlocked to prove you earned it that is all #Evolve Nation


According to one of the devs- somewhere around here, on the main thread (where this should be…) they are working on a way to restore everything. I think MacMan said it. Unsure, though.


Wasn’t sure what thread to put this under. Regarding your statement the moderator s for the forum only know that there fixing the problem ,it isnt a repaireable problem the most they can do is give you the characters you’ve earned I’ve already talked with the evolve staff stop giving out false hope


Not giving out false hope. Bringing to your attention that there is a possible fix to it. Don’t pretend you know everything. :smile:

Good day!


Everything I said is exactly what they told/wrote to me in my ticket response I’m not “pretending” if they said to me there was a possibility of repair and to wait I woudve said it you obviously don’t know what your talking about since you already don’t know …


Are you the thread merge nazi?

Your more concerned with the thread placement than providing a link to the information he seeks. Instead of knocking him i’d be concerned more with helping him out.



I would copy and paste exactly what they said to me but I’m on my phone and it’s easier to sum it up I’d rather people understand there situation then wait 24 hours too hear the same thing I’m saying now it’s a great game don’t quit because you got reset one time


No. No I am not. The thread is literally pinned at the top of its category- impossible to miss. Here’s a link for those incapable of finding it though.

I am not “knocking” him, and I was attempting to help him out before he accused me of “spreading false hope.”

Now I’m about to leave before you two gentlemen get anymore hostile. Have a nice day.


Would’ve been helpful if you just posted this first. You smack a hornets nest then when the response isn’t favorable to you, you blame the hornets.



Midnight is right! Also this might be helpful:


I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious. I haven’"t “smacked a hornet’s nest” at all, and there was absolutely no need to respond so rudely- to both of you. So no, not embarrassing, not to me at least. @Hellbound I was right. So perhpas both of you should back off, if you would? You’re welcome for the help.


Hellbounds quote is exactly what they wrote to me which proves what I’ve been saying is right and I didn’t respond rudely… If your not going to be helpfull or provide new evidence on your conclusion don’t answer at all please the problem is fixable but not repaireable the most they can do is give you the characters you’ve earned

How can you say this community isn't toxic?

And your snide comment “those incapable” was necessary?

No it wasn’t, and of course it isn’t a hornets nest. It’s an analogy. I’m not going to spell it out for you.

Skoss you got your info, thanks for passing this on. Only took some ridicule and snide comments but you got it. :slight_smile:


Technically midnight wasn’t right, Skoss was right in what he said. Midnight said quit telling false information etc.

Then he links the forum and it reiterates what skoss said. Midnight said they working to fix it, by that quote they’re not. They’re not going to fix your stats either.

THANKS SKOSS, for posting this. Now we know our stats wont be fixed and you saved me some time.


Officially yes, but I think TRS is going to try to get a progress restore or SOMETHING to make this better.


MacMan stated they are working on a way to restore progress. So. Yeah. It’s not doable CURRENTLY. Please don’t be a jerk to Midnight, as she is only trying to help. That goes for you too, @Southern_Heat.


lol funny way to “try and help”


Well when she states. What a Dev said. That he could have searched for. And seen. And then says to her. She is spreading false hope. That causes her to get annoyed. As I would to anyone. Lol.

Wait a minute… I remember you. Didn’t you get in trouble for something on here? I forget what, but I know you did something on here.


Calm down guys, lets all cool off and just wait until tomorrow for more word on the issue. We’re bound to hear something more soon.


Me? Got a thread taken down because I made a joke about how every single thread is someone bringing up a legit complaint and then instantly people come in to tell them they are wrong.