Profile reset (Resolved)



After I downloaded the new hotfix, my in-game profile just reset to level 1 and all my characters are level 1 again, even though I still have all the badges and characters and perks I had unlocked. My keys (in-game currency) also reset and now I have 1500 keys gained from the daily reward. My in-game name and steam username is “Bug Fixed Removing My Name”. I tried to take the game executable back to the last version using my other computer that also has the game installed and the profile is still bugged.


This may be a server hiccup, but please reboot your computer and try to log in again.


I just reinstalled the game successfully and it seems that the profile came back to normal, but that really scared me.


Did you try to Verify the game cache integrity first?


Yes I reinstalled the game once, then nothing. After trying to reinstall it again, it worked.