Profile logg on error

So i was one of the “few” that preordered this game and i liked it. Got bored of it after a while though, but then i saw that it was free to play and i wanted to get my friends to play it. So i installed it again and got my friends to do it aswell. Only thing is though i cant play because of this error that makes it so i cant logg on. And Turtlerock know about this error but dont do anything. And yes i have deleted the “mk2cache” and “cache” doesnt work. And it really makes me sad because its accualy a pretty good game


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Unfortunately, TRS has no right over Evolve now. They can’t fix nor work on the game. I recommend visiting 2K Support, and I’ll tag some people that could help you. @TheMountainThatRoars @DarKastle @Sentry_Gun

Here’s the link for you:


If it’s the “Profile Service Error” you are experiencing, the best thing you can do is contact 2K support.

That said, I also want to point out that it’s not because TRS does NOT want to do anything about this issue, but rather that they can’t. As for the reason why, it’s because 2K Games has decided to end the contract, which means that TRS was no longer allowed to work on Evolve since the IP belongs to 2K.

Whether there is still a development team involved with the game or not, is a big question mark. However, we do have a big troubleshooting guide we made for Stage 2 here: TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support

It can be worth checking out and perhaps try some steps you haven’t tried before (you never know).

P.S. Thanks to @Delphox for the mention, it’s much appreciated


2K are useless, don’t bother, like I previously did.

I ended up buying another key for $1 on a separate steam account to avoid the grind of getting characters etc again; all works fine.

And yes, this is legally and technically out of TRS’s hands now unfortunately.