Profile level and interest in the game


Add another 40+ levels for the profile. The majority of players who play from the beginning, has 40 levels. The experience of the mission and achievements out into the void. And not a little experience. This is for the Thunder Dome give 100 experience points. And for others give 500 - 1000. If you do not add new levels now, the players lose a lot of experience. This is not difficult. Just add 40+ levels to profile without bonuses. So far, no bonuses. And then just an added bonus to the characteristics and skills, icons, skins, avatars and more for each level. This way one of the causes for which the amount of active players dropped. DLC will not help you. Not all players have ruined the game can buy a new pozvoit Hunters and Monsters. So who would not say that - DLC affect the gameplay. Free maps and modes? It’s nothing. That’s less than nothing. So do so that players returning in two or three days to go broke and pump new characters, and in the long term. 40+ levels for the profile - the easiest and fastest way to bring players. And it should be done immediately. Hey !!! Developers !!! You are here reading the logs? For work lazy. Add 40+ levels for the profile - it is very quick and easy.

Profile and level of interest in the game. Developers - ignorers

Or people can write it themselves that’s even easier.


Well the devs have said theyll be adding more levels in the future along with more perks, soooo just wait? Also you say that its really easy, and I’m just wondering, how do you know?


I am a software engineer. And is familiar with programming languages. And believe me - change a few digits in the game (in this case, the level of the profile), as well as prescribe geometric or arithmetic progression for experience is not so difficult for experienced developers.


Honestly I’m fine with it, at least for now. Sure you may not be leveling up at the moment, but I like the fact that this is a game where you don’t get punished for not putting in a ridiculous amount of hours into it. If you like the game and prefer a role, you can pretty much elite every character in that class and get to lv 40 in 3 or 4 weeks tops (for an average player), meaning you are on a fairly level playing field with the rest of the community pretty quick; unlike COD that has excessively “pointless” leveling.

Get to level 70 or 80 something, then reset it so you can have one little thing to show everyone else who doesn’t or be a bit lazier in having to change guns on presets!



TL;DR please.


More levels will keep people interested because levels are important for some reason


I don’t really get what he’s saying, but okay then.


Hes saying that they should add more levels to the game to keep people interested because 40 isn’t enough, but its already gonna happen in the future along with new perks, so i dont feel the rush :confused:


Oh no, I know what he’s talking about. I just don’t get how adding more levels is gonna make more people play.


Thats usually the answer to everything


Science, Jesus, and Illuminati.


Oh man, I played Blur for a long time which did something similar: rank up & earn new cars and rewards, then prestige to start all over again. You’d spend like 3 weeks earning everything to start over. I never did this as at the time I hated the idea of CoD and the fads started by it. You have no idea how mad that made people. I used to get hate mail all the time because I clearly put time into the game but refused to start over. You know, after 3 weeks & whatever hours I really didn’t want to lose the best cars/items the game had to offer, and because people who constantly start over never got to use them they were always upset with me when I did. What a joke.


Why do people always need progression to stay interested? Do you play for a friggen number in your profile or for stars? Cmon…


I play for the cute as hell pets.
Jim the bug, Gobi the Robin, Daisy the Destroyer, JP-RT the robohank, and of course Loki, the pup that made the angry metal man happy.
Although more levels would be nice, i want more perks :3


Just do not want to lose experience. And then add 40+ levels in half a year, and they will have nothing to swing.

И Газпром. Я играю не за цифры и звёзды))) Просто уже 40 уровень. Персонажи открыты. (кроме DLC) )Часть уже элитная. Та часть которой я буду играть активно. +в игре куча ачивок типа “Марафонец” за которые дают по 500-1000 опыта. А они идёт в пустоту. Вот представь. Прокачал ты всех. Получил все ачивки. А тут добавляют 40+ уровней. И тебе придётся их качать миниачивками типа “Электрика” и “Купола Грома” . Да на Эвакуации можно по 10000 опыта получить. Но этого будет мало.


Didnt you already make a thread about this?


Yeah, he did. This is just the same thread, word for word


I will continue to do so until these idlers were not smart enough to change the number 40 to 80+.


I just wonder why, like does anyone even pay attention to levels anymore?