Profile/Leaderboards only scroll right? Why?


So this is something that has bugged me a lot since the game came out, it’s very small but it’s more noticeable now with the DLC characters; why can’t you flip backwards through your characters in the Profile/Leaderboards?

It goes Leaderboards>Masteries>Awards for each character and you can only scroll to the right and it takes forever to go from the first to the fourth character (e.g. Markov>Hyde>Parnell>Torvald). Why can’t I go to the left and immediately get to Torvald? This is ESPECIALLY annoying when you only have a matter of seconds between rounds and it takes the whole counter to even GET to the character to see any stats you missed or wanna look up.

Plus, sometimes if you scroll super fast, the leaderboards get messed up and will show the wrong character’s stats like Cabot’s info for Sunny, so you need to switch back and forth before it fixes itself.

Not sure if this has been brought up before so feel free to close or move this if it has, but this is something that will get more annoying/frustrating when even more characters are added.

Does this bother anyone else?
IMO this perfectly sums up the issue for me:

Can we change the way leaderboards are displayed?

It would be nice to scroll to the left to reach the fourth tier.

I wondered why you posted a Zoolander clip…it all makes sense now. :clap:


Hes not an ambi turner :stuck_out_tongue:


@LadieAuPair love you guys!
This exists now :smile: