Profile .GIFs Not Working?

I honestly don’t know if this is a bug, so I chose the topic which suited it best. Are we able to set our profile pictures as .gif files? I need a developer to help me out here. If it were enabled, this would be my picture. (Below)

That’s a great question. I’m not sure animated GIF’s work as profile pics on Discourse.

Let’s ask a Discourse dev! @discourse @eviltrout?

There’s a site setting to enable this. We leave it off by default but if you want to let your users use animated avatars, look for “allow animated avatars” and enable it :smile:

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Thanks @eviltrout!

Will they animate everywhere, or just thread view? My concern would be on the Latest view of the forum having a towering tree of motion GIF’s in the Users column that breaks down at scale.

The will animate everywhere. But they’ll be properly resized like other avatars are :wink:

Also, if you enable that setting, let us know, we’ll have to re-generate all the avatars to make sure we properly resize animated versions of existing avatars.

I’m not sure I’d want to enable them for the aforementioned reasons. It might make that landing page awfully annoying to look at with up to five animated thumbnails per row, across dozens of rows of threads…

But I’m open to hearing counter-arguments :).


That’s why it’s disabled by default :wink:

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You guys are smart dudes. It’s why we chose to work with you :D.

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