Profile error / Leaderboard wins RESET!


Not sure if this was resolved yet but I will post it anyway. I was ranked 8th on the US leaderboard (88 wins) with Kraken and When I logged in tonight I had an issue with the profile not being able to load properly. I played an evac round and logged out to reset my client. When I logged back in I found that my wins had been eliminated yet my deaths remained. (14). Is there a fix to this issue? Or am I starting over with Wraith?


BUMP! Anyone experiencing this error? Not very cool to lose your leader board position because of a glitch/error. I want my rank8 kraken back!


Yup it is known leaderboards could be reset anyway, fix is coming


Any idea when the fix is coming? Really turned off at playing atm since my main goal was climbing the leaderboards.


Add that issue to people getting reset back to lvl 1. There’s many issues that need addressed. Patches are coming they say but the eta it’s unknown


I don’t think I’ve had a day gone by where I haven’t had the leaderboards reset. According to my count I’ve played over 100 games as Hank, but every day I get on and it’s some number below 10.


Yea… There really is not much replay-ability in this game when you remove the leader board aspect. Whats really the incentive to continue playing? There is no end game. I am quite fond of Kraken game play but I am not going to waste my time trying to re-climb the leader boards if all of my stats are going to go poof again on a whim.


To be fair though leaderboards are only sorted by wins and considering you get exp and everything in customs it wouldn’t surprise me if it counted custom games. In this case I wouldn’t give the leaderboards much credit.