Profile background picture


As I mentionned somewhere, I was just wondering why can’t we see people’s background picture on their forum profile ?..
It’s always black…

Is it intended ?.. Or is it me ?..


Not sure what you mean. You mean the area surrounding the avatar?


I can see yours, what kind of device are you using? Plus idk if very many people have a background pic, the default is black


Yeah, I can see it too. Mine is set to black.


I don’t think many people have a background picture set


I have one set on mine if you want to look to see if its working on whatever device your using.


Not alot of people set a background. I did though. (using materials already published online, just to be safe)


Ok ok, my bad that was just the fact everybody has default background !.. ^^’

Now you can go back and resume a normal life !