Profile and level of interest in the game


Add another 40+ levels for the profile. The majority of players who play from the beginning, has 40 levels. The experience of the mission and achievements out into the void. And not a little experience. This is for the Thunder Dome give 100 experience points. And for others give 500 - 1000. If you do not add new levels now, the players lose a lot of experience. This is not difficult. Just add 40+ levels to profile without bonuses. So far, no bonuses. And then just an added bonus to the characteristics and skills, icons, skins, avatars and more for each level. This way one of the causes for which the amount of active players dropped. DLC will not help you. Not all players have ruined the game can buy a new pozvoit Hunters and Monsters. So who would not say that - DLC affect the gameplay. Free maps and modes? It’s nothing. That’s less than nothing. So do so that players returning in two or three days to go broke and pump new characters, and in the long term. 40+ levels for the profile - the easiest and fastest way to bring players.