Profile and badge editor


I’d like to see the ability to watch profile while waiting for a game as well as tweak your badge. Because there can be quite some downtime while you wait for others. Would be a nice little feature. To view profile is so you can see what you need to do to unlock the next star. :slight_smile:


You already can do this.


Only when it is in between maps, not actually when you can select characters. That’s very few seconds to do anything.

Just to clarify, I mean when you pick your class. I do it in 2 seconds with perk included. Then I sit one and a half minute for people to pick whatever hunter they want and whatever perk they want. That time I could watch what I need to do to unlock stars on different characters or fiddle with my badge. Because when you look at it during map load it’s a very limited time, usually enough to barely see one hunter or two if they are in the same line (assault trapper etc). And when the game starts you may not even be that class line. So you would want to know what you need to do to unlock for that particular class set.

Nom nom nom! Ty ty! By friday? Sound great!


On the topic of badge editor (which basaz is totally right about, it’s missing on some of the screens that require the most waiting. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Could we get a grayscale slider? there’s white, black and all sorts of colors, but it’s reeeeaaallly hard to get a decent gray with the color selector thingy. :smile: