ProdX stream just got banned from twich


Hes channel just got closed due community reports while playing with the devs, because people thought he was not allowed to play.

Help the guy out Devs.


That is an odd thing to get banned for. Maybe all the people he was banning from his stream didn’t like it so IDK. Plenty of people are streaming it now so Twitch should be aware of that and besides what is TRS going to do about it?


I bet he was reported for banning all those people. I think the only people that can ban a channel for streaming a certain game would be twitch or the games dev team… if he got banned it was probably for a good reason.


not always it can be a mistake if he got “mass reported” for buthurt people or reported for playing music witch is inconsistent with twich policy atm.

And you should not get banned for banning people in yor own chat xD


Both those seem like legit reasons to me… you treat your viewers like shit you better be prepared to be treated the same way.


Yea not my call but I was in his stream last night and let’s just say the salt was flowing on both sides.


I hate the guy lol, no reason to ban him if theres drama. Only for legimate reasons, sure if he actually broke some rule then go for it.

People getting mad and buthurt reporting because he bans people not a reason to get banned.
Dont like the stream you leave the channel he bans you? you are not welcome to the channel pretty simple, the responsibility is on the watcher to leave or be forced to leave.


In all fairness he’s not the best monster player on Twitch. It was amusing seeing him get rekt by the devs after the near constant bragging. So maybe for false advertising? :wink:

@GentlemanSquirl was the leader of the rektioning.


Banning viewers for calling out your ego is loosing twitch money… i would bet there is a TOS on what you can and cant ban for. Twitch is in the business of making money they dont want people to have a bad experience and stop using the site.


by that logic every single channel would be banned you relize this? Every single streamer banns people form their chat.
Lirik bans 2-3 people every day he streams should he get banned for not agreeing with every single people? or getting salty on both sides?

he has 14k banned people on his channell btw.


Im not saying you cant ban… but im sure you need good reasons for it after all there is a TOS you need to fallow.


you and i are not going to agree on this so im stepping out from this.


lol i was watching when he was playing vs the bots. it was funny how he thot he was good. I will say that given the time he will be a higher tier monster player (if we get competitive i expect him to place higher) hes been good on games in the past. but hes always been a pansy haha. wished i stuck around for him losing to hte devs tho. is it on youtube? i gotta see it. lets just say i was…“busy” this weekend :slight_smile:


Well he is back up for what it’s worth.


Yup i noticed, its good that hes back but im still not going to watch him. Everyone for their tastes.


He’s getting better but not at the top of the people I’d watch. Quick question if you don’t like him why did you complain about losing his stream?


If you think he got banned for a reason that he should not have been, then i think you should have a oblication to do something about it.

If you see someone hit a dode unconscious you need to do something about it, same thing different severity.


Good and honorable reasons.


I don’t get it. Who is ProdX? is he somebody famous on Internetz? some link please. Preferably with him playing against devs, or other things…


He played against the devs on Saturday, he lost 3 games straight.

I don’t know most of these streamers who got the early access build except for Sacriel and CohhCarnage. I was hoping more big streamers to play except it’s mostly no-names I never heard of.