Product Code



I bought Evolve secondhand to a particular.
The Product Code included in the box is only a monster extension pack, but there is no product code for the game itself. So i can’t install the game.
The guy who soled it to me told me that he can’t find it…
I can send photos of the dvd to prove I’m honest.
Is there a way I can get the key attached to those dvd’s? I see there’s an ID on each dvd, maybe it’s unique?

Thks for the help


Sorry, but as the disc you have purchased not from the official retailer there’s nothing we can do for you. Not even 2K support will be able to help.

Please ask for a refund.


Thabk you for your answer. Before i do that, Is there a way that the guy who sold the game to me get his cd key from steam?


If its a PC copy he would have to activate it on steam to play, if he has played the game at all that key will be locked to his account sorry.


Ok. So if I buy the game and play it I won’t be able to sell it?
That’s totally illegal in the Europe legislation.


I was refunded, but I’ll never buy this game if I can’t sell it in the futur. What if I don’t like it?
Imagine you buy a car and you can’t sell it?


Welcome to the world of online game distribution…


Not sure if serious or trolling…