Hi everyone!

So like many others (hopefully) I use this forum for entertainment and procrastination purposes when I have much more useful stuff to be doing. So post what your procrastinating on, like I’m supposed to be working on my history homework that I’ve been putting off all weekend! Yay…


Im supposed to be reading…this counts right? Right?!?



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I’m taking ur PC away until u do you history homework





I never procrastinate because I feel terrible doing it. The only exception being sleep. I like to put that off a lot. Sometimes I’ll be dancing in a circle at ungodly hours to keep myself awake. Fun times.

So I’m actuallt a terrible procrastinator. :slight_smile:


I have this thing where I feel bad, but not bad enough to work. That’s why I’m a terrible procrastinator.


It was Mom


Hah! Mooooooom, Quirk told on you @MidnightRoses

(yes your the forums mom now, get used to it :smiley:)


Neu dun do it ;-;


Who did what now?




Righhhht, Noooooothing.


Explain. Don’t make me scroll up and do it myself please.


Nothing mom… sorry to bother you :abe:


Okay, I read it all.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, there’s like 4 girls on the forums and your on a lot. It was bound to happen someday.

(edit, that came out much creepier than I intended Holy S***)


what even >_>