Problems with launching the game on Steam

So, like many people I’ve seen on Steam/Turtle rock forums, I’ve been having problems with getting the game to launch from Steam. I found a page on Cant start evolve stage 2 plz help & I follow everything that Kishan_Devkaran said in the list about ways to fix them, at least in the ways that are applicable to my PC. I checked my antivirus & my firewall, & the part about having an older version of the game I don’t need to worry about.

I checked the system requirements & I have all that I need for it. And whether or not this part matters for the game to run, I have Windows 10 installed.

Check this troubleshooting guide we have compiled here:

And see if it helps you or not. If not, perhaps provide a further explanation (or even a screenshot/video of what’s happening). But, it’s likely that you will have to contact 2K support for further assistance since there isn’t much we can do other than basic troubleshooting steps.


OK, I appreciate it