Problems with daisy

Use this thread to discuss everything wrong with daisy. Not sure if this is the right topic though…

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@MidnightRoses Has a lot to say … xD

She’s fat.

That’s 1 problem


Reviving the recently downed assault instead of the near death laz who could have rezzed the dead anyways.


She’s Daisy. That’s her problem.


nobody likes daisy :<


I just abused her against my team.

After killing Lazarus I went crazy and downed everyone else but let Daisy revive them just to down them again and get more strikes. Great strategy to fight against Laz :wink:


Monday do I get to play your team I played kilthegovernment s team and won 3/3 so if like to play your team too

Daisy is so fat that when Goliath Rock Throws her, she eats the boulder and doesn’t get knocked back.

Daisy is so fat that when Wraith Abducts her, she squishes the Wraith out of the map and wins the game.

Daisy is so fat that when Behemoth Rock Walls her, she just slowly turns to stare at the Medic for food.

Daisy will consume all. Daisy don’t care.


Daisy is the best tracking tool in the game,

she’s so swag all the goodies in the goody bag look bad.

I like shooting Daisy with cairas healing nades so she flops around like a seal out of water


Lmao. Me too. It’s hilarious.

Or you could just win and not drag it out.

I think Daisy’s biggest problem is that she seems to be on a delayed reaction time. She signifies that she sees the Monster even if has been out of her LoS for 5 seconds. She will stare at the Monster in a dome even when hunters are down and the Monster isn’t near them. Soooo many times I have seen daisy just neglect downed hunters to stare. By the time she finally switches “stances” it is too late. There have also been a few rare cases when she is hundreds of meters away for some reason, even if we are fighting in a dome. Like she didn’t follow or something.

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I hate that she gets all up in my grill sometimes when I’m trying to focus on shooting something as Maggie.

And I hate that she sometimes pushes me off cliffs, but this isn’t exclusive to Daisy so I guess it’s not really just her fault haha.

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I basically hate everything about her.

Runs toward Monster and stares at it in the face when everyone else is dead.

Decides to run in completely different direction, turns around, then runs toward where I (as Maggie) was headed.

Revives ANYONE when Lazarus is alive.

Simply STARES at Maggie when she is caught in a plant.

Doesn’t prioritize reviving the Medic.

It was all within the same dropship and if I downed all but one, that one player would have ran away. They know how to play and they tend to drag out themselves as well. I was just making my job later easier.

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I would get downed and daisy would come along to save me, she has less than 1 second left and the monster looks my way and she stops completely and runs. If she had just stayed, i would of been up before the monster had even gotten to me.

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She is the best asset in combat
Step 1. Get ready to be downed and don’t have Laz.
Step 2. Prepare to get downed away from the fight, either out in the open or somewhere out of the monster’s way, depends on situation.
Step 3. Have teamates get monster’s attention.
Step 4. Have Daisy run and be ignored.
Step 5. Profit
Step 6. Be killed by that 1 guy who uses Kraken.

Oh god the visual