Problems starting a game for the last 24 hours

Hello guys this is my first time posting on the forums.
Okay so basically i’ve been struggling getting into a game for the past 24 hours, what happens is after i lock in my monster and after the loading screen in which it shows what hunters i am up against, my screen goes black for arround 5-ish seconds, i can sometimes hear the in game sounds and then the whole game just closes.
I only managed to get in 1 game and the rest were all crashes, please help i cant play evolve for almost 2 days now :frowning:

Does your screen look like this?

no the game just crashes completely

In that case please check this topic and try all the fixes listed here if that doesn’t work we’ll try something else.

help 12345

None of those worked? :frowning:

Have you checked @TheMountainThatRoars post? You’ll find a lot of useful info there. Just shouting help won’t do you good.

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