Problems Logging In


Recently I’ve been getting an error when launching the game that says “There is currently an issue connecting to your 2k account. Please contact support…” I tried searching around for any solutions that I might be able to do, such as reinstalling the game, and had no such luck. Any help would be appreciated


You’ll need to file a support ticket with 2k customer support.

TRS is isn’t able to help as this is on the 2k side of things.


Ah alright. I was just hoping there was something TRS could do since 2K isn’t known for being too helpful right now


Join the club, according to 2K you will likely get a copy and pasted message stated that your account activity shows that you have violated the EULA and your account has been permanently banned. I’ve made an entire video of the situation on my channel. Good luck… 2K and the EULA perma ban rant video <-- Click if you want to watch.