Problems in the Headphone mix and Monster sounds


Hi there,

I’m currently having a blast playing Evolve on PS4, but there is one huge annoyance that I hope Turtle Rock will look into in a future patch.

I’m always playing on my headphones, and the mix is very weird when it comes to the Monster walking sounds. Very often the Monster is in front of me, yet it sounds as if it was behind me, or I can hear the steps very close to one of my ear, even the monster might be quite far away.

People have natural instinct to hunt with their ears too, so I’m hoping that this is something that will improve. It would be great if I could really hunt the monster by listening and not get confused by mixed signals, when using headphones.

Thanks for the otherwise awesome game!


I’m also wondering about that and whether there is some bug involved. I don’t want to make an accusation because I might be confusing sounds with different wildlife, or simply been wrong about the monster location. But there have been a few moments where I suspect I was misled by something funny going wrong with the audio.