Problems i have with evolve


Okay, this game is absolutely amazing but every game has its flaws that may annoy players.

Val’s med-gun should be more effective because it heals about the same speed as Caira’s launcher but the launcher can heal multiple people, so if val can only heal one, she should heal faster.

Caira’s adrenaline doesn’t increase the players too much, anyone who is not in the field can still keep up easily when the players are chasing the monster.

Support classes are fine

Maggie’s machine pistol should upgrade in accuracy instead of damage, along with that, the weapon needs a slight damage buff.

Griffin’s sound spikes should probably update where the monster is faster

Abe’s stasis grenades should be more effective against the monsters dash, jump and teleport abilities like the harpoons. Also Abe’s tracking dart should not have to update the location of the monster, it should just show exactly where the monster is.

Hyde’s minigun needs a buff

Parnells’s Multifire rocket launcher should have a slight tracking ability so its harder to miss every time but only slight so its not op where you hit every shot.

Kraken’s Banshee mines should travel faster when they are locked onto an enemy

Wraith’s decoy ability needs a much longer recharge time, it charges unbelievably quick
okay this is just a suggestion or idea but whenever the wraith uses a warp blast or abduction, it should cost one of its teleport abilities along withs its normal recharge .

anyone can agree of disagree with this list but if you do disagree it would be highly appreciated if i could have feedback. other than these problem, I’m in love with this game and i hope you keeps up the good work. also for future DLC, i hope you guys come up with live camos for the monsters and hunters. That would be awesome


Basically, you want to severely buff the hunters and nerf the wraith.
I kinda disagree with, well, everything.


that makes no sense because all i talked about was buffing hunters and nerving wraith pretty much. so how can you disagree with something you agree with?


unless your not one of those peeps that i completely don’t understand you, also your not specific


Read again, the first sentence is just clarifying what you said.
Hunters don’t need buffs and wraith is pretty weak as it is. Wraith is a glass cannon. If you take away part of the damage and ability to escape, it is just a piece of glass. Meaning that it becomes useless.


if you didn’t catch what i said, i was saying tons of people want some hunters to get buffed and wraith to get nerfed. Also what your talking about only happens when the wraith player is bad but when the player is experienced, the right will destroy


Wraith is getting nerfed. While she is counter-able, many parts of her kit just make her very annoying to fight against.

It was stated that Val has a lower winrate than they would like. It is likely she is getting a buff.

Most people agree that Hyde is slightly weaker than the other two Assaults. He may get some tweaks, but nothing official on that.

Abe is a really strong trapper and I feel those changes would push him over the edge. Parnell is fine too, rockets explode even if you get a near-miss. He is a completely skill-shot oriented Assault and I personally feel he should stay that way.


most people don’t even use the rocket launcher. also from what i have noticed, the harpoons overpower the stasis grenades because they both slow down the monster but harpoons limit the monsters jump. you may argue that you can destroy harpoons but the monster can get out of the stasis grenades very quickly


oh i forgot to mention, i don’t want the hunters to get severely buffed, i said “slight” several times


What about poor bucket his rocket launcher is pretty garbage T.T
also I would not change the Banshee mines. They are really really powerfull if used right I would even argue that they are his strongest ability.
I’m also against an Abe buff. His nades are weaker at holding the monster still but they can be applied permanent (very low cd huge throw range good aoe)

Edit: Cairo is fine imo.
Maggie buffs are dangerous. I think her tracking ability (knowing the direction of the monster) is far superior to the other and that’s why she has to have the lowest dps, but maybe that’s just me


I think a really cool idea for Bucket would be that if you have the monster tagged from UAC (Not darts/Val etc…) then your rockets have a small auto seek function to target the monster. This would disable the manual fire where I am looking at, but give you the ability to ‘fire and forget’ a bit more. It would be a minor change in direction so as not to become completely auto hit. Maybe a 5-15 degree course correction.


Cool idea :smiley:
but it wouldnt change the fact that his dps is garbage especially if you compare it to Cabot, whos weapon is hitscan and can fire through walls :confused:


Seriously?.. Buckets rockets are already incredibly easy to hit, they don’t need a buff. They also explode in vicinity to the monster so you don’t have to aim well.


A lot of auggestions but almost no reasoning behind it. Why should we apply these changes?

I suggest fleshing out some arguments, otherwise it’s just your unrelatable and subjective opinion.


I’m not saying that they are hard to hit. I’m trying to increase synergy within his toolkit. Right now he is a very selfish support. He just brings damage. And arguably not enough to not have Damage Amp/Railgun/Dusting or Shielding/Orbital. I’ve been trying to see if we could just reskin Bucket as an assault, up his damage or something and change UAV to be a flying sentry gun that floats within a certain range of you and attacks Monster/Hostile Wildlife and/or pings the monster. I just don’t think he makes a good support. I’ve made lots of posts about this so I didn’t want to blast a new thread with my proposals for him :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I agree with Val’s med-gun.

  2. I disagree with Caira’s adrenaline boost. Also, she doesn’t need any buffing.

  3. Maggie’s weapon seems fine. Make it too good, and players will forget to use her harpoon traps. Maggies usually forgot enough as it is.

  4. Griffin’s sound spike updates are fine. Maybe increase the radius.

  5. Abe’s stasis grenades are fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get nerfed. Also, all tracking items update fine. It isn’t supposed to give you true-sight.

  6. Hyde will get a buff. Hopefully his toxic grenades do not slow allies (as much or at all)

  7. I think Parnell’s rocket launcher could have increased damage, but it should not have any auto aim or tracking.

  8. Banshee mines are fine. They are heavy hitters, and move slow. They should be easy to avoid if you;re

  9. No need to comment on Wraith any longer until we see the developer’s proposed changes.


Im gonna have to disagree with the wraith decoy cooldown , I suggest instead a damage reduction, because the decoynova is still stupid powerful, getting caught by a wraith decoy and getting wrecked in two three hits is not fun.


I agree. My ideal Decoy skill would take these effects: (Note: Number ranges are very wide due to needing to test)

  • Decrease damage by 20-50%
  • Increase duration by 2-5 seconds.
  • Have cooldown start only when Decoy was popped due to time or attack/skill/warp being used.
  • Change cooldown to 7-14 seconds.
  • Increase pounce damage by 10-33% if used during Decoy’s stealth.

This gives Decoy a bit more of an ambush feel instead of using to hide/get free damage.


The increased duration of decoy could be interesting but wouldnt it allow the same nonsense of hiding in domes as the beta? As long as the damage is nerfed it could work

The increased pounce damage during decoy will add incentive to actually play stealthy instead of rambo, the real question is will the damage stack with the mega mouth perk?


Dunno, that is why it would need to be tested.

Ya, having a longer stealth isn’t ideal, but not sure how to change it up without doing something drastic. Other ideas include you pop decoy and it short range teleports within 5-10 meters so they can’t just ignore Decoy and shoot you while you are invis. (However, I don’t want Decoy to grant distance itself) Or have it be 100% Ethereal. You can’t eat or be hit, but keep the duration short. Basically it allows you to go to where you want. The intent is to use Decoy to help put YOU in a combat advantage spot. Hard to balance without really changing it up.

With the increased duration the longer cooldown could still work. Have decoy for 10 seconds, but you can’t use it again for anoth 7-14 seconds could be brutal for a Wraith. Testing testing testing :stuck_out_tongue: