Problems against laz


I have no idea where the rant thread is so I’m posting here. Laz just got a revive on me while I was constantly meleeing the body. That just shouldn’t happen and frankly pissed me the hell off. I’ve about had it with this game and it’s antics.


Why not just search for it instead of make an unnecessary topic?

Boom. Right there.


If it makes you feel better, they’re making laz less “toxic”, and yes refer to Evolve anonymous 2 for rants.


Because searching is hard and I am frustrated that’s why


It takes more time to create a topic than to search for one.

Just saying.


Assuming you can actually think of what exactly it is you need to search for to find the relevant topic in the first place- Type in “laz” and “problem” and you find a handfull of threads of people complaining about laz and other aspects of him as well


“Rant” seems like a good starting point for a search, given that OP stated it’s what he was looking for.

And the difference is that those tend to address multiple issues or attempt to begin a conversation on the subject, though some may fail. This is blatantly and admittedly a rant thread.


Search will also pull up ancient threads which cause forum based resurrections.


Well, to be fair, those should be closed. And not commenting on something that’s six months old should be left to common sense. Also, there are only three listed and open rant threads. All of which are less than 30 days old, including the “General Rant Topic”, which is the first search item to come up when you search “rant”.


Just saying search isn’t always reliable.


Fair enough.


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As others have said please use the evolve anonymous thread for venting. You could bookmark it so you always know where it is if you need it. :slightly_smiling: