Problem with the pre order email code


So I got an email that read "Dear Amazon Customer,

Here is your access code to Evolve’s Big Alpha event:


Invite friends to play with this referral code: MonsterExPack"
The problem is that I used the code but not the referral code, thinking I was supposed to save that and give the 17 digit code AND the referral code to a friend. but they just get the message that the 17 digit code has been used already and they cant enter just the referral code.

Has anyone had the same problem?

EDIT: changed the title. dint realize it auto corrected into “pro order” instead of “pre order”

Question about the Big Alpha and Preorders
Question about the Big Alpha and Preorders

Tons of people have posted about it. If it doesn’t let you enter it again, don’t worry about it. I’m sure your chances to get in are still fairly high.

Make sure to read the entirity of emails you receive.


I did, and I posted it here lol. it doesn’t explain much of anything xD just here is the code and here is what you give your friends (and that dint work)


Oh! It was me with a reading problem.
I have no idea why they only supplied a referral code. I would have thought you were supposed to use it for your own.

Edit: So I am awake now, and I think the problem is that Amazon didn’t understand the point of the referral code. It is for you to use, and not a friend.


Well, one of two things could have happened… it could have been that using the monsterexpack code would make that code into a multi-use code for you to give to your friends… or you tell your friends to use that referal code with one of the multi use codes floating around, and their chances of getting in get bumped.

edit : or posibility three; amazon has screwed up. Never count out possibility Three.


Yep I’ve had the same problem with my amazon code, I had just got it out of my e-mail yet it said it’s already been used.


Hm, that’s odd. We’ll look into it.


Ok, thank you DamJess. I was realy looking forward to doing a 24 hour live stream when the alpha hits and it would feel bad to not get in because of some bad wording >.<


You’ll get in :slight_smile:


So I haven’t gotten my code from Amazon yet, should I be concerned?


I have the same issue. Amazon worded their email to me so that it looked like all I was supposed to enter was the 17 digit code and save the referral code for my friends to increase their chances. As such, I did not put the referral code in with my 17 digit code. Am I no longer guaranteed access to the alpha because of this?


I did the exact same thing!! Maybe certain characters in the code represented we pre ordered and thats how we will get in? not sure


I don’t think it works like that. When I asked them on Facebook, they said we NEEDED to enter the referral code too. It would have been nice if Amazon knew what they were talking about. I’m sure tons of their customers did the exact same thing. It’s all in the horrible way they worded the email.


well, the referral code is optional so we shouldn’t need it.


But I believe it is how 2K was planning on seeing who pre-ordered and who didn’t. If they had that referral code, they would know it was a guaranteed entry. I hope I’m wrong. lol, it would suck if that’s how they did it.


We’ve learned that it sounds like Amazon was using confusing language. For the initial, email that code is only for you. They might send more codes for friends at a later time

Anyone who hasn’t received their Amazon code, we suggest waiting until next week before getting concerned.

EDIT: 2K Tells us you can send your friends to, have them mention the Amazon error, and they will get them a code.


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