Problem with Ranked


I am a Monster main, figured I’d try Ranked out after losing my 88 win streak… (RIP). I went through my placement matches and won all 10 of them; placed in Silver Master. Now I understand that this is probably because my opponents were low ranked and/or unskilled. However I just won my 11th match, and I received 0 points. Once again, they are probably unskilled and/or low rank. I just don’t understand why I’d receive ZERO points.

I mean these guys were at least worth SOMETHING. Maybe not as much as a competent team, but ZERO points seems a bit ridiculous.

UPDATE: Just played my 12th game (Won). Against Silver Skilled Hunter team. I received ONE (1) point for my victory. LOL


I don’t know :confused: They have a confusing system could just be a bug


Hopefully a bug, I just don’t see any point in playing ranked when I wait for 10 minutes to get into a game; just to be rewarded with no points for a victory.